4 Tips to plan your all inclusive trip


4 Tips to plan for your all inclusive trip

I dont really do all inclusive as I love eating out in local places but after a recent trip to Hurghada in Egypt the best option seemed to be all inclusive. This is a resort where is it not really safe to walk around and it seems that the only option really is to stay in an all inclusive resort. Since it was a lazy relaxing holiday this seemed perfect, here are 5 tips if you are planning an all inclusive trip.


Research, research , research, did I mention research. I spent ages looking into deals, researching the hotels, some may sound a great price but if the food is rubbish you are not going to have a good time. What do you want from the all inclusive holiday are you literally going there to lie by the pool if so is location really that important. In Egypt the resorts are so large that you do not need to leave. It is a great destination to visit in the winter as it seems to be one of the closest places to the UK apart from the Canaries that will still have some winter sun and that was my main reason for choosing this destination.

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Plan Your Budget

While you plan any trip budgeting becomes of huge importance. This one step will make a thousand things simpler and will make your money go a lot further. Think about what you want to do, do you have the money to do everything, if not look at what priorities you have and find out the prices. You might want to go snorkeling, scuba diving, on a boat trip to the local water park but do you really have the money to do it all. If you dont plan you could end up running out of money or not having enough to do what you really wanted to do. Also look at the all inclusive holiday you have chosen as some things may cost extra.


Make sure you have all the relevant travel documents. During my last trip to Egypt I didnt even realise I needed a visa and I left it a little late and was worried that it would not come through in time luckily it did. However I suggest you keep all your documents in a safe pace in your home so you know where they are when it comes to your holiday, nothing worse than hunting for your passport the night before a trip.
● Passport
● Visa
● Travel maps
● Flight tickets
● Travel vouchers
● Hotel confirmation receipts
● International travel insurance
● Medical prescriptions (if any)

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Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a must especially if you have a chronic illness. It will provide you compensation in cases of trip cancellations, flight cancellations, interruptions and loss of baggage. If the holiday has cost a lot of money it is definitely worth getting international travel insurance incase anything crops up and remember to get it as soon as you have booked the holiday not the day before you go away otherwise you will not be covered for cancellations that happen before you leave for your all inclusive holiday.

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