FanU Review : Good for hot flushes!!

FANU Review

I was asked to try out the Fanu which is a hand held battery run fan aimed at supporting people who have hot flushes as a side effect of chemotherapy. It has been designed by someone who has gone through Chemo so knows how the hot flushes can affect day to day life.

I love how the website says “it is not always possible to strip off and sip a glass of ice water” it makes me just think of when I was going through Hot Flashes sitting there part naked eating ice cream I was at home so no one could see me but I totally get the concept of this fan. There is nothing worse than being out in public having a hot flush and people looking at you as though you are crazy trying to cool yourself down especially if you are at a young age. If its someone in their 50s the common thought would be bless her she is going through menopause but its a bit of a unknown that chemo can bring on early menopause for younger girls.

fanu a handheld fan great for chemotheraoy

The FANU arrived in a lovely box with a gift of some mini marshmallows, this might be because I am a blogger and reviewing the product but I thought was a really perfect touch. If you are going through chemotherapy and you need to order things such as this to get a little hidden extra really means a lot, at the time I tried I was going through chemo for secondaries.

It does not come with instructions but it is straight forward as there is a switch on the side to turn it on and off. However since this post has gone live I am getting comments they would feel that instructions need to be included, so I have passed these details on that is as much as I can do as I am only a blogger trying to product I did not create or design it. I personally was happy with the product it did what it claimed to do and I even saw Simon Cowell using it on a episode of Britains Got Talent.

The handheld fan is definitely a lot quieter than I was expecting. I like way it feels and it actually looks quite trendy you could get it out at any time in any place and people are not going to stare. You can use it inside or outside to be honest I got more from using it inside but that was my personal preference. I keep it by my bedside as it is at night when I have the most hot flushes.

It costs £9.99 including the mini lithium battery USB cable and a lanyard, which I think is excellent value for money as it will help people you are going through hot flashes due to chemotherapy or the menopause.

hand held fan called fanu

It is also suitable for people maybe going on holiday who will be around the pool or on a beach in the hot sun. A fellow blogger tried the fan as she is a little apprehensive of flying and liked to have cool air pointed on her face during the flight, some airlines now dont have overhand air vents so this is another great reason to use this handheld fan.

It’s not overly powerful that it’s going to blow your head off but to be honest I’ve not seen anything on the market that is. I have tried a few which have been totally rubbish feeling like a little robin is blowing a bit of air in your face this at least has a bit of oomph. This would make a perfect gift for somebody going through chemotherapy.

  • Thank you to the makers of Fanu for letting me try this device if you would like to make a purchase please click here.


8 thoughts on “FanU Review : Good for hot flushes!!”

  1. Mine arrived this morning not in a nice box like yours but a cheap plastic bag .. no marshmallows no
    Instructions .. don’t know if it’s charging or when it’s finished !!
    It’s said we can get Cancer from stress .. the arrival of this purchase
    Didn’t help mine !!

  2. I ordered my Fanu and it arrived today. Well can I just say it is the best! So powerful and great not being battery powered as it has a battery just like your mobile phone so you just plug in overnight to recharge. Definitely the best on the market. 10/10 for this product.

  3. Sorry to hear you didnt have a nice experience with this item. Hopefully it will do the job it is intended for as I find mine does.

  4. I had high hopes for this having been forced into an early menopause through cancer. Unfortunately I was disappointed. Mine came in a plain cardboard box, no instructions or marshmallows or any other little extras. I think that little robin you mentioned will have more effect that the sad trickle of air emanating from this fan, in fact I had to check it was turned on the flow was so poor. Such a shame that reality did not live up to the dream.

  5. I am sorry you were so disappointed maybe you should contact the company directly as I was happy with mine as it helped me whilst sat at home.

  6. Ordered one for my husband to assist with an ongoing illness he has. Plain box, with nothing instructions and no marshmallows!!
    Don’t fancy leaving it charging overnight so it would have been helpful with a guide to allow for the expected charging time.

  7. Marshmallows must be one of the perks of being a blogger and trying the product. Maybe contact the company itself with your concerns

  8. I had heard such good things about this fan but was disappointed when it arrived.Packaging wasnt great however i was keen to try it. I have to say my mini fan from the pound shop has a more cooling effect. Its currently 34 degrees in the london . sadly this fan didnt cool me down one bit.

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