Water Puppet show in Vietnam

water puppets hanoi

Water Puppet Shows in Vietnam Water puppetry (Vietnamese: Múa rối nước, lit. “Making puppets dance on water”) is a tradition that dates back as far as the 11th century when it originated in the villages of the Red River Delta area of northern Vietnam. The puppets are made out of wood and then lacquered. The shows are performed in a waist-deep pool. A large bamboo rod supports the puppet under the water and is used by the puppeteers, who are… Read moreWater Puppet show in Vietnam

Hotel Review : Rendezvous Hotel Hanoi

rendezvous hotel hanoi

Hanoi Rendezvous Hotel Review 31 Hang Dieu Street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi I booked on Hotels Combined and we paid £121 for two rooms for three nights. Here is the link for finding the best price for this hotel. On some sites it is called a hotel on others it is a hostel. I had my own room but around the corner is another entrance and this is called a hostel I am not sure if they are connected it was a… Read moreHotel Review : Rendezvous Hotel Hanoi

The best massage in Hanoi – Omamori Spa

Omamori Spa

This was the best massage in Hanoi and maybe the best massage I have ever had. Omamori Spa Ngõ 5 – Huỳnh Thúc Kháng, Láng Hạ, Đống Đa, Hà Nội, Vietnam Open daily 8am – 8pm I didn’t have any other massages in Hanoi to compare this one to but had a few in Ho Chi Minh City. I love a massage and was excited that the prices were so cheap in HCMC but as you travel north the prices… Read moreThe best massage in Hanoi – Omamori Spa

How to cope with my fear of flying

how to cope with my fear of flying

Flying Economy When I tell people I have a fear of flying I tend to get funny looks and remarks like “but your always going away”. Yes I am but I have worked hard at overcoming my fear so its not as extreme. Here is more information on How I cope with travelling with anxiety I am really freaking out about flying economy long haul. I know it’s ridiculous and I am not a diva. For years, I didn’t fly or only… Read moreHow to cope with my fear of flying

Hobgoblin Burger Review

hobgoblin burger

Hobgoblin Bristol 69-71 Gloucester Road, Bristol The Hobgoblin is well known in Bristol for its burgers. Ask a Bristolian where to go for the best burger and this name crops up again and again. It also appears on many lists of best burgers in Bristol and it’s certainly going to make it onto my top 5. I visited on a Monday lunchtime and there was a steady trade, apparently it gets very busy of an evening and they recommend booking. That’s a… Read moreHobgoblin Burger Review

The Gold Bar – New Bar opened in Bristol

gold bar bristol

Bristol News – New Bar opened The Gold bar is a new bar which opened February 2017, at the new Bristol Harbour Hotel & Spa. 55 Corn Street, Bristol, BS1 1HT Its a shame I am going away for a few months and I am going to have to wait a little longer to get to try some of these cocktails as they look yummy. Check out this cool menu. Set within Bristol’s most exquisite historic building, the former Lloyds bank, the… Read moreThe Gold Bar – New Bar opened in Bristol


bristol aquarium

Aquarists at Bristol Aquarium, are celebrating after the birth of 26 baby sharks, with more due to hatch out soon.
The tiny sharks, members of the native catshark family, are thriving in a special nursery tank at the aquarium – safely away from the attentions of their larger cousins – after being collected from the ocean display by divers.

5 cool places to eat at Wapping Wharf

wapping wharf

Wapping Wharf – Wapping Wharf, Wapping Road, Bristol, BS1 4RW New development Wapping Wharf on Bristol Harbourside is going to be the place to go when the weather warms up a bit. Its “vision is to ensure a sense of community is fostered among the residents, retailers and nearby neighbourhoods and that it is truly integrated into Bristol”. If you would like to find out more information about Wapping Wharf or want to check out future events here is the… Read more5 cool places to eat at Wapping Wharf

Yurt Lush is Gert Lush

yurt lush

Yurt lush is Gert lush If you are not familiar with the saying Gert Lush according to the urban dictionary “is the highest form of praise from a Bristolian” Yurt lush is part of the Eat Drink Bristol Fashion family which aim for simplicity and fun. They want to create places where “you can eat and drink in proper Bristol fashion” hence the name. It is co-founded by Michelin star chef Josh Eggleton and local farmer Luke Hassell. They cook using local producers with… Read moreYurt Lush is Gert Lush

G Adventures buys Swan Hellanic


After recently going on a G Adventures tour I am pleased to see the press release that they have purchased the Swan Hellanic Brand. The Swan Hellanic cruise company was “British cruise line specialising in tours of historical or cultural interest aimed at the upper end of the cruise market” (Source wikipedia) that unfortunately went into administration in January 2017 leaving 13,000 passengers without their cruise. I would have been so upset if this had happened to me and I… Read moreG Adventures buys Swan Hellanic