20 facts about Iceland

20 facts about Iceland

Here’s a interesting list of 20 facts about Iceland. Written on my own experience from my visit to Iceland and I didn’t know most of these before I went there. I really enjoyed my visit to Iceland and if you are thinking of going here are some of my top places to Eat and what I did when in Iceland.

facts about iceland

  1. The time is the same as England so you don’t have to adjust though it is weird as its doesn’t get light until 10.30 and goes dark at 15.30 in January
  2. They love their lights. Everywhere still felt Christmassy even in January. Apparently they keep the Christmas lights up until end of February as the days get dark early so it makes it more colourful
  3. Weather can change very quickly. One minute its calm, then gale force winds then calm again then sleet then snow then calm its very strange how quickly it can change.


    Eyjafjallajökull source: wikimedia

  4. You can drink the water from any cold water tap from hotel rooms to petrol stations as its all fresh and clean. You should be able to ask for water where ever you go and not get charged. All the restaurants give you a big bottle when you sit down and its very tasty.
  5. Things are expensive and they seem even more expensive due to the currency. At the time I was there 1000 krona was about £5 so when your bill came to 3000isk it seemed like loads. Though some things were extremely expensive for example shots in a bar were 3000 I wouldn’t pay £15 for a shot at home.
  6. Everywhere was so quiet. There are less than 330,000 inhabitants in Iceland and you hardly see them they must all hide away unless they really need to go out. I only saw people really if they were working
  7. People were so polite and friendly
  8. The houses looked really cosy. Not many had curtains so you could see in and they had Christmas lights in the window. A local told me that because most of their heating comes from geomeglobal all the houses are really toasty as its cheap to heat
  9. Even though there were some well know shops like subway, Ikea and F&F it didn’t seem too commercialised, as there were still classic local looking shops.
  10. You can’t buy alcohol in supermarkets they have special shops called vinbudin which are government owned. I didn’t know that about Iceland did you?
  11. Apparently locals do not eat sheep’s testicles anymore it’s a tourist gimmick someone told me as I was travelling from the airport, not that I was planning on trying them anyway
  12. There is an eggy smell due to the sulphur. The hot water can sometimes smell of it but the cold comes from a different source so is perfectly ok to drink.
  13. They have their own breed of horses which has two walks no other horses do. If they leave the country to go to a show they have to be sold as they cannot return in case, they bring in disease and they want to keep the breed as pure as possible

    horse in iceland

    source: wikimedia

  14. I didn’t see any beggars or homeless I suppose it’s too cold outside in the winter when I was visiting Iceland
  15. It’s in two continents America and Europe, it lies across two tectonic plates (I don’t really understand it)
  16. I thought I would see loads of puffins I didn’t see any

    puffin in iceland

    source: wikimedia

  17. Even though most families have two cars the roads didn’t seem busy
  18. Non one was slipping over apart from me
  19. I didn’t realise how close it was to the UK less than 2.5 hours’ flight but it only seems recently that people have started going.
  20. Even though most of Europe will remember the 2010 eruption of Eyjafjallajokull as disrupting flights it seems to be a good thing for Iceland as a tour guide told me it made them get noticed and tourism has increased greatly

Would you like to learn more about Iceland I have this Iceland Guidebook from Lonely Planet and found it really useful. You can purchase it here

facts about iceland guidebook

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facts about iceland


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  1. Great article!
    I visited Reykjavik and was really confused by the time difference (or lack there of)! I also noticed how expensive it was too – especially food and drink? Although there aren’t many commercial stores i noticed there was quite alot of fast food outlets?

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