Wireless Home Security Camera : Peace of mind when I am travelling

Wireless Home Security Camera : Peace of mind when I am travelling

Normally when I am off on my travels our home is still secure as my mum is there. Also if she comes with me we have people stay over to protect the property but you never know when intruders can strike I have even read horrible stories of people being burgled whilst they are asleep upstairs. I was asked to try a wireless home security camera and thought it would be so much hassle to set it up but it wasn’t and I am really impressed with the YCAM Evo. I am using images supplied by the company as my house it a bit of a tip at the moment as I am sorting through all my junk.

wifi secuirty camera

Image provided by YCam

My mum causes me stress when I go on a long trip. She isn’t the most clued up when it comes to technology and doesn’t answer text, phone calls or emails so I always start worrying something has happened. I know it is my crazy paranoia as I know that she is OK so when I was asked to try a new home security camera I thought it was a perfect way to spy on her. I am only joking I don’t actually want to spy but to see her moving about gives me peace of mind and it has the added bonus of making my home more secure.

We actually had a laugh setting this up as my mum realises she stresses me out and when I went on a recent trip to Spain she said hello into the camera every morning so I knew she was OK.

I tried the Y-CAM Evo it retails at around £129.99 and I think it is excellent value for the peace of mind it is giving me when I am on my travels. Here comes the technical bit – It is an indoor HD Wi-Fi with free 7-day rolling cloud storage. It is tiny so not obtrusive as I don’t even notice it is there at only 52.2mm by 70.4mm it sits on my bottom shelve on a book case and it gives a great view of the room. The image resolution is HD (1280 X720) that doesn’t mean much to me but I was so surprised at home something so small could give such a clear good image. They currently have some great deals on for example SAVE £30.98 on the Evo 2-Pack, now available for just £229:

home secuirty camera

Image provided by YCam

The camera was really easy to set up. I downloaded the app to my phone, it asked for my wifi password and a couple of other details. I then plugged in the camera and waited for the blue light, pressed continue a green light appeared and hey presto it was set up. All done in less than 5 minutes.

The app on my phone means I can see what is happening in my home when I am away. Plus as it records if I was unlucky to have an intruder the quality of the image is so good hopefully it would be great evidence for the police and insurance companies.
I set the camera up in my dining room and it has a view of the front door.

wireless home secuirty camera system

Image provided by YCam

I asked some friends on Facebook if they used a security camera and what their reasons were and there are so many uses for a home security camera.

Terrie from Stockport got a home security camera after her husband’s van was broken into and all his work tools were stolen. They now have a camera at the front and back of the house to give them added security and peace of mind.

Jan from Luton uses her home security camera to keep an eye on her naughty cat. Baggins the cat is not allowed to sit on the coffee table but likes to do this when no one is home. Jan can call out to Baggins telling him to get off the table, I love this idea and I bet the cat looks around thinking where is she??? lol.  Jan also used the camera to make sure Baggins is eating his food. She has a neighbour that comes in to feed Baggins when she is away and if Jan notices the food it all gone she can contact he neighbour to come and refill. Unfortunately the camera I used only had sound from the house so I can not communicate with my mum.

home secuirty camera to keep an eye on your pets

Naughty Baggins on the coffee table

Different uses for the YCAM

  • Put by the front door and when someone knocks can see who it is
  • Point it onto your garden and if you have a pesky animal digging up your plants you can see the culprit
  • Keep an eye on Kids when playing
  • Record property intruders
  • One luxury travel blogger uses her camera to see if her gardener is putting in the hours that he is charging for when she is away – I don’t have a gardener, in fact, I don’t have a garden but this is a great idea.
  • A mummy blogger mentioned that she used her home security camera in the kids play room. When her two boys start fighting and blaming each other for starting the fight she can see who was actually the instigator

About Y-CAM

wireless camera

Image provided by YCam

Established in 2007, Y-cam Solutions Ltd is a British technology company specialising in home security and cloud-based security cameras for the non-technical consumer. To date the company has processed over one billion customer videos, operating in 38 different countries with hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide.
Y-cam provides a range of solutions including Wi-Fi enabled cameras that offer premium, affordable video monitoring to help users protect their property and loved ones. Y-cam solutions can be positioned around the home to let users know what’s happening when they’re not there. Y-cam solutions offer a fully-managed cloud recording service, with the last seven-day video history being stored securely offsite for free, ensuring the camera is all you need for added peace of mind.

If you would like more information about this camera and the other types of camera that this company offer their website is a great resource.

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