School Reunion : Would you go?

School Reunion : Would you go?

I can not believe it is 20 years since I left high school. I still don’t even feel like an adult and keep thinking about what I want to do when I grow up. But the reality is I am 36 this year so I guess that means I am already an adult.

Since it is marking the anniversary of 20 years since we left school me and some old school friends have been discussing a school reunion. It got me thinking about what I have really done with my life and how my other school friends have all successful careers, homes, jobs and families and I am still trying to work out what I want from life. Would you attend a school reunion or is the past the past? Every time I think of meeting up with old school friends it reminds me of the film Romy and Michele’s High School reunion with Lisa Kudrow. It is hilarious.

Also, I wondered if I actually would recognise the people that I spent 5 years of my life with. I follow some school friends on Facebook and to be honest I wouldn’t recognise some of them if I walked past them in the street. I moved away from home school town when I was 18 maybe if I was seeing people on a regular basis I might recognise them but some of them have changed so much.  I am quite a nosey person which I why I actually really love Facebook as I can see what people are having for their dinner, where they are going on holiday and of course what they know look like now.

I look at some of the lads that I had massive crushes on at school and think what did I see in them. I was talking to one guy who used to always have the most fashionable hair cut at school but he went bald at the age of 22, he was making a joke of it but in reality, I bet he was devastated. I know from personal experience when I lost my hair during chemotherapy it is quite an emotional experience and mine was going to come back. We joked about hair transplant cost we both actually started googling it and it wasn’t as expensive as he thought, I wonder if he will get it done.

I was talking to another girlfriend from school who has had relationship after relationship problem and is gutted that she is still single at the age of 36. She finds it hard to see others getting married and having a family. I do sometimes but then I think I don’t want someone hogging the bed, barging into the bathroom when I am trying to relax or even having to think about babysitters to go out for a night. She joked about hiring a fake husband like in the film The wedding date. So we googled that and it is actually a thing. You can rent a friend to go to events with you and pretend they are your husband or wife. I said she might end up falling in love and living happily ever after she said no its more likely the guy who turns up will be batting for the other team and run off with one of the lads from the school football team.

Next was a friend who has lost confidence in the way she looks after having 3 kids she feels old and haggard before her time so is going to have a full makeover experience before the reunion. Having a new hair do, some fillers and her make up done and even getting a personal shopper so she has the best outfit on.

So I am going on a diet (got 4 weeks to loose some weight but will start after I have finished this bar of chocolate) one guy is going to have a hair transplant, another girl is hiring a man to pretend to be her husband and another is having a full blown makeover. I know we are all only joking about these things and to be honest I am the person I am and don’t care what others think. I am currently happy travelling and writing and that’s where I want my life to be at the moment.

Also to be fair after a few glasses of wine none of us will care what we look like as we will be having a great time reminiscing about our lives 20 years ago.

Did you go to your school reunion or did you avoid it?


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