I am learning again : Marketing Distance Learning

I am learning again : Marketing Distance Learning

When you write a blog not only do you have to have the content that people are going to want to read but its also important to tell people know that you have this information. And the best way to do this is Marketing. I was ask by NCC Home Learning to try one of their courses and I decided to update my marketing knowledge by doing a Marketing Course. 

marketing course

The NCC Home Learning website is really easy to navigate and there are a number of different courses if marketing is not your thing. I already have my eye on a few other courses for when I finish this one.

You simply register, pick which course you want, make payment, then log in.

You have your own student portal where your course literature will be. The course I have chosen is all on line so perfect as I can do it in my own time at home.

learning from home

There is a detailed user guide, I have 7 modules and then an exam.

I have just done the first module and found it easy to understand. I have already studied Marketing so this was nothing new to me but it did refresh my knowledge. It seems like it will be an excellent course for anyone that either wants to refresh their existing skills or starting from the beginning with little knowledge of marketing.

Module 1 – Introduction to Marketing

This module provides an introductory overview to the subject of marketing. It defines exactly what marketing entails and examines areas such as; business values and famous marketing campaigns. Specific areas covered include:
  • What is marketing?
  • How can marketing benefit a business?
  • Business values
  • Traditional marketing vs. digital marketing
  • Famous marketing campaigns

Each module is a PDF so if you wanted you could print it off to read on the go or even read from your phone. I will be studying on my laptop and hopefully will finish this course in a couple of months. I find it hard to concentrate for long period and the first module was 26 pages long which I did find to be a lot of writing. It isnt broken up with many images so the vast amount of test meant I had to take rests from the reading otherwise my brain will start to hurt. However the best thing about doing the course with distance learning is you can go at your own pace. And have a cup of tea when you want!!

studying at home

I will let you know in a couple of weeks how I am getting on.

In the mean time if you want to do one of their courses you can find the selection of what they offer on their website. Or if you are looking for a present for a keen blogger then maybe get them a voucher so they can pick which course they want to do.


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