Disadvantages of Travelling alone

Disadvantages of travelling alone

There are some disadvantages of travelling alone but there are also some advantages. I go through phases of feeling lonely travelling alone and then loving the fact I can do what I want. Here is a list of my pros and cons of travelling alone.

I am a bit of a cow to travel with but at least I admit it, I like things my way and I like to do things when I want but then again there are also plus points to travelling with someone if that person is a compatible travel companion.

  • Pro – I can sleep or get up when I want
  • Con – I don’t have anyone to make me get up and sometimes I can be lazy and need a bit of motivation or nagging to get up

  • Pro – No one to boss me about or moan at me. If I want to sit there not talking I can.
  • Con – Sometimes I end up talking to myself and even arguing with myself if no one else is around. Sometimes I just want to say wow look at that to someone but there is no one there to share things I am seeing with.


  • Con – Sometimes I need someone to motivate me to actually move
  • Pro –  I don’t have to wait around for others, I am so impatient I like to get up and go I hate waiting around especially if I am ready


  • Pro – If I get lost it is my fault so I can not have an argument with someone over it
  • Con – It can be quite scary sometimes getting lost if your with someone it can turn into an adventure

disadvantages of travelling alone

  • Pro – I talk to others more often, I make more effort to interact
  • Con – Having no one to talk to can be lonely


  • Pro – Choose where I’m going, what I’m doing, I don’t need to check with anyone that its ok
  • Con – It can be time-consuming to do all the research sometimes I just want someone to tell me what I’m doing today


  • Con – Sometimes I feel uncomfortable eating alone, I get pity looks “aww bless shes got no friends”. Also being a plus size person I sometimes get more self-conscious
  • Pro – I can eat when I am hungry

advantages of travelling alone

  • Pro – I can read a book, watch TV or just daydream without ignoring someone
  • Con – I love horror films and books but can not watch or read them whilst travelling alone as I scare myself too much. I sometimes freak myself out when my imagination runs wild, I get  back to room and have to check wardrobes and in cupboards to make sure no one has snuck in

What do you prefer travelling with someone or alone? let me know in the comments.

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  1. Yeah! Its really a true words. Thanks for explaining the disadvantages of travelling alone. I think travelling with our besties, friends and family will be the right choice.

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