Brooks Country House – My birthday treat

Brooks Country House

Pengethley Manor, Peterstow, Ross-On-Wye HR9 6LL 3

After visiting Brooks Boutique Hotel in Bristol with the cool caravans on the roof  I was so excited when the owner Carla Brooks agreed to host me at her new hotel in Herefordshire. She had told us all about it and it sounded wonderful.

It was a birthday treat for me (I’m now so old, but that’s another story) and I took my mum so unfortunately I couldn’t have a four poster bed as she would then have to sleep on the floor and I don’t think she would like that so we had a twin room.

If you dont have time to read all about my stay check out this cool video I made of my experience. (my first ever video so bear in mind I’m still learning lol)

Getting there

I travel mainly by public transport and I remember when the owner was describing her new venture, I thought there is no way I can go there as it’s in the middle of the country side. I mentioned this to her and she said there was a bus stop right outside the gates, well that just made my mind up I so wanted to visit. Oh and the onsite vineyard was also very influential in this decision.

We got the train to Hereford changing at Newport quite a nice journey and then spent the afternoon in the town before going to the hotel (link to Hereford)

It was easy to find out which bus to get using google maps, it was the 32 or 33 which I think are every hour. After getting off the bus and walking down the flat driveway we came to the house and it looked just like the pictures. The countryside views are breath-taking, it’s strange to think we were in a bustling town not 20 minutes before and now in this lovely setting with some sheep for company.


Check in was easy and the staff were friendly they took us to our room which was in an adjoining building. I was a bit concerned when I saw the steep flight of stairs to get to room 22 but it was just about manageable if it had been on another floor I would have had to say something, As not only do I have mobility issues but so does my mum and she would have struggled with two flights. Well she actually struggled with one by tripping up, luckily I didn’t have my camera on her otherwise you would all be seeing it now. But she blames that on the bottle of cider that she bought from the museum, in her bag toppling her over, I personally think she had been sipping it when I wasn’t looking.

Brook Country House

There are 22 bedrooms at Brooks Country House. Our room was spacious when we first arrived it was set up as a double bed but they quickly rectified this whilst we were at dinner as I didn’t fancy sharing a bed with my mum. The beds are so comfortable it actually made it difficult to get up in the morning for breakfast as I was so cosy.

Brook Country House Brook Country House
The rooms are a great size our room had a lovely view of the countryside, a arm chair to sit and relax, a dressing table, tv, wardrobe, two large mirrors, tea and coffee making facilities (including hot chocolate and yummy biscuits), top of the range toiletries in the bathroom, bathroom was also a great size with bath and shower over the bath.

Brooks Country House

Brooks Country House

Main House

I love the style of these hotels, this is Brooks 4th boutique hotel and they all follow similar décor. There are quirky little details for example I loved the stag hangers when you enter the main property and the rooms look so inviting especially with the fires I would love to visit in the cold winter when it’s snowing outside and you could sit by a nice warm fire with a nice hot chocolate.Brook Country House

At the Bristol Bloggers event in Carla described how beautiful the new house was but she understated it as it was absolutely stunning. Another factor I was looking forward to was the Segway’s she said you could go around the grounds on, unfortunately though these had to be removed due to people injuring themselves, I was slightly disappointed but my mum was relieved as I had planned on doing a video of her trying one out and I think she was a little nervous, so its OK mum you got away with it this time!!

Brook Country HouseBrooks Country House is a Georgian Manor. My mum was really impressed by this as she loves period buildings. I was more concerned about it being haunted as it was so old but I didn’t hear any bumps or groans in the middle of the night in fact I didn’t hear anything apart from a few people walking over the gravel outside it was so peaceful and I had an excellent night’s sleep.

Brook Country House

The staff were amazing they made us feel so welcome and chatted to us whilst we were having a drink in the lounge asking questions about my blog and travels. The three guys running this place (sorry guys I didn’t quite catch your names as you said them so fast) were great in fact all the staff tried hard to make it an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Brook Country House

There is a bar with a wide choice of drinks we decided to try something local and as we are both into ales at the moment my mum had already ordered two different ones whilst I was busy taking photos. They were good and it was nice to sit and chill for a bit in the lounge as it was so inviting. We had booked our table for 7pm as we don’t like eating too late and there was no one else in the dining room yet so they gave us the menus whilst we were in the lounge and took our orders and said they would take us through when the food was ready. This was nice as it was a bit more relaxed.

Brook Country House

Evening Meal

The hotel is claiming to be luxury at affordable prices and it definitely was. The quality of the food was great and we even tried some of the rose wine which is produced with the grapes grown on their vineyard. This was delicious and I could have had another bottle. I have tried the white wine whilst at a bloggers event at the Bristol guesthouse but I much preferred the rose.Brooks Country House

My mum had the rib eye steak and I went for the chicken supreme. The steak was cooked just how she likes it rare-medium and was so tender and my chicken was yummy too. The décor follows through into the dining area I loved the large mirrors and books on the shelves, it did make me wonder if this is the sort of furniture the people who would have lived in the house would have had. The dining tables looked originals although we had a slight problem with our table being a little wobbly. Every time my mum cut into her steak the table moved which did ruin the meal slightly.

Brooks Country House
Also the dining room has lamps rather than main lights and as it grew darker I had difficulty seeing what I was actually eating as there wasn’t a lamp near our table and it felt as though we were sat in the dark. My mum had the chocolate mousse for dessert and because I wanted to experience as much on the menu as possible I went for the cheese. I got a lot and I couldn’t finish it all. I didn’t like the oat biscuits that came with the cheese it might have been better if you could have picked what type of biscuits you wanted as I know everyone is different. My mum’s mousse was very rich and it didn’t look as though there was much in the glass but she did struggle finishing it so I had to help her out.

Brooks Country House

locally produced cheese

The Grounds

The grounds are a great place to sit and relax if the weather is right. I love being in the country and there is plenty of greenery and trees around here, the air even smells so fresh. There is also an outdoor swimming pool. Although I didn’t get to try this out as it was a bit of a miserable day when I visited I did however dip my toes in and to be honest it wasn’t as cold as I expected so maybe if I had my swimming costume with me I might have braved a swim.

Brooks Country House


Brooks Country House


Brooks Country HouseWe went to breakfast at 9am and only one table was taken but by the time we had finished all, the tables were occupied and a couple were waiting to be seated. When we were seated we were asked if you wanted tea, coffee and toast.

On the large table in the middle of the dining room were items we could help ourselves to, such as a selection of cereals, croissants, spreads and fruit juices. I had some delicious granola and apple juice my mum was happy with her toast and coffee.



Brooks Country House Brooks Country HouseThere was a menu on the table for hot dishes and these were cooked to order. We both went for the English breakfast I had poached egg and my mum had fried. It was nice, the sausage was great quality and the bacon was tasty. It wasn’t a huge breakfast which was nice as sometimes this puts me off if there is too much food on the plate.

Check out was 11am and as our bus was leaving at 11.07 this was perfect for us. I didn’t see any children at this hotel and I don’t think it would be the right environment as I think it would have ruined the experience if there were screaming children as it was so peaceful. It was mainly couples and there were a group of friends. There is lots of space to park and of course the bus from Hereford is also a great option. There are also taxi numbers available in reception.

It was quite a rushed visit for us as we only had the weekend and we had been sightseeing in Hereford (see link) beforehand so didn’t arrive until the evening. I would love to visit again and spend time just relaxing in the lounges or even in the gardens or swimming pool if it was nice weather.

Thank you to Brooks Country House for hosting our visit it was a great hotel and I hope I am lucky enough to try your other cool looking hotels especially the one in Edinburgh. This visit was complimentary but all opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way.

Brooks Country House


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