Blindsided Book Review

Blindsided Book Review

I really enjoyed this book. it is a debut novel by author Jay Giles and was first published in 2006. He published a 2nd book in 2008 and I am going to definitely try and read this as I liked his writing style.

What the book is about

The secrets Joe Jesso took to his grave could get Matt Seattle killed

For Matt, a Sarasota stockbroker, the elderly Jesso had been a client and close friend. But after Joe’s unexpected death, Matt discovers the money his friend invested with him was embezzled from a drug cartel.  

Now the cartel is threatening him to get the money. Joe’s scheming wife of a week, fifty years his junior, and her shyster lawyer are demanding it, too.  Matt, with the help of private investigator Tory Knight, must figure how to get the two groups at each other’s throats instead of his.

Matt and Tory come up with an outrageous idea that just might work. But as the cartel ratchets up the pressure—arson, kidnapping, torture—will it be enough to keep Matt alive?

Masterfully plotted, Blindsided delivers twists, turns, and thrills, right to the very last page. (Source: Reagent Press)

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My review of Blindsided

For a story about gangsters I was pleased it was not too gruesome as I don’t like reading about too much violence when it goes into graphic details. This author gave just enough for your imagination to conjure up what was happening. I didn’t expect some of the outcomes and it was a good read. It wasn’t too hard going as I read it on a beach so wanted something I didn’t have to concentrate too hard on. I would recommend

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