York Struck by a Chocolate Bomb Ahead of National Chocolate Week!

Here’s one of my first posts about chocolate, in time for national chocolate week next week (10th -16th October). Its actually one of my favourite subjects after travel and wine.

How lucky were the people in York as they discovered a tasty surprise in the Rowntree Park.

york chcolate week

The city had been the victim of the world’s first ‘Chocolate Bomb’! The famous pergola walkway had been decorated with over a thousand Kit Kats and were there for the taking for anyone who wanted to stop and ‘have a break’.

Imagine finding all these KitKats I wonder how many lasted or if people came along and had a little bite – One of my favourite travel companions is the chunky KitKat, what do you like to eat whilst travelling?

York’s Chocolate Story, who were responsible for the ‘chocolate bomb’ posted clues from the mysterious ‘chocolate bandit’ on their social media in the week leading up to the installation.

A representative from the York visitor attraction said: “We wanted to do something fun to kick-off National Chocolate Week and celebrate our chocolate city. Kit Kat is one of the world’s most popular chocolate treats and was invented right here in York by Rowntree’s and is still produced here now. It is almost certainly York’s most famous export!”

York is known as “The UK’s Home of Chocolate” due to the renowned companies such as Rowntree’s and Terry’s which were established in the city and the world famous products that it has produced including Smarties, Aero, the Chocolate Orange and of course… Kit Kat!

Information provided by York’s Chocolate Story via Travmedia


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