Yakinori : Japanese Food in Bristol

Yakinori : Japanese Food in Bristol

78 Part Street, Bristol, BS1 5LA

I would normally turn my nose up at Japanese food as when I think of this style cuisine I think of Sushi and not being a raw fish lover it kind of puts me off. However, after visiting Yakinori on Park Street in Bristol, I have been converted. It is definitely going onto my list of the Best restaurants in Bristol. I am now prepared for my visit to Japan which I am hoping to do in 2018.

I was lucky to try this new restaurant on opening night and was so amazed at what types of dishes they had on offer. There was no puffer fish, a delicacy in Japan and I refused to try any raw fish but what I did have was so delicious I can not wait to go back and try some more. Yakinori is currently not serving alcohol so I decided to try a Japanese lemonade. This was in a unusual bottle and I couldn’t even work out how to open it but it was fun trying to, until one of the staff members came and helped me out. It was slightly different to what I am used to but was refreshing on this really hot day.


My friend who eats Japanese food regularly said it was the best she has ever had so it must be good.

The owner Ali and his manager are so bubbly and friendly they definitely make the restaurant a place I would like to spend my evenings, even if it is just to listen to their banter and watch how they interact with the customers.

First impressions of Yakinori were pretty cool and I mean literally cool. It was a very hot day in sunny Bristol and on entering the restaurant I was greeted with air conditioning which was so welcomed after feeling a little bit hot and bothered. It is an open Kitchen which I love as you can really see how they prepare the food and it is all with fresh ingredients. All the staff in this restaurant were so friendly. I love the décor it is modern with some great art work, you can eat at the counter and watch the kitchen prepare your food. The toilets are down one flight of stairs and there was no lift option. They were really clean though I guess they would be on opening night.

japanese restaurant in bristol

I have to apologise for the quality of my photos as when the food came out I was too eager to start eating to think about setting up the perfect photo but it just means you have to go in and see it for yourself.

Not knowing what to try Ali gave us some information about the cuisine on offer and we sampled a few dishes which were all really good. We started with sushi samples and I was actually a little nervous but explained I don’t want any raw fish and Ali brought us some with pumpkin, cucumber and mango which I never even thought would be in sushi. There was also a crab and a prawn option but I let my friend try these and she said they were delicious. I was really impressed with the sushi that was topped with tofu. Not being a big fan of tofu as I find it bland but this was really flavoursome and I would definitely order these again.

sushi in bristol

We then tried some Gyoza which are grilled and steamed and grilled japanese dumplings. There were also so tasty, I have tried something similar in Vietnam. We had ones filled with duck, chicken and then yassai which I didn’t have a clue what that was. After goggling I am still none the wiser as nothing was coming up so if you know what it is I would love to know but whatever it was it was nice.

japanese food bristol

Starters are accompanied with soy sauce, wasabi and picked ginger. The wasabi blew my head off. We also tried fried calamari and every time I have had this apart from once in Bucharest it has been really chewy but this was cooked to perfection.

japanese food in bristol

My friend had Teriyaki duck and the duck was so tender I am going to have a duck dish next time I come here.

Teriyaki duck 14.99 aromatic grilled duck in a spicy teriyaki sauce, served on a bed of stir-fried greens and sticky Japanese rice with roasted black and white sesame seeds

japanese bristol

I had Yakinori Teppanyaki after this was recommended by Ali and I am glad he recommended this as there was no way I could even pronounce it to order it. It was so good after all this delicious food I was feeling full but there was no way I was letting this go to waste so they gave me a pot so I could take it home with me. By the time I got home I had some more room in my belly to finish it off.

Yakinori teppanyaki 10.50 grill noodle, chicken and tiger prawns in a miso soy sauce with chikuwa, courgette, peppers, onion, broccoli and bean sprouts. finished with roasted sesame seeds.

best restaurants in bristol

If you are in Bristol you need to visit here, it is going to be a very popular place to eat in Bristol as when you have been once you will want to return again and again. It is also a must go to place for Japanese takeaway in Bristol.

They also have two restaurants in Birmingham on in Sely Oaks and the other in Grand Central. See the Yakinori website for more details.

The best japanese food in Bristol




10 thoughts on “Yakinori : Japanese Food in Bristol”

  1. This sounds perfect for us! We went to Bristol a few years ago and loved it (and found great places to eat) but now we need to go back to try this one. We all love Japanese food…..

  2. Ohh the sushi looks so good in the picture. I’d totally try this place. I do love Japanese food and eating raw fish 🙂 so this would so be right formy taste. 🙂

  3. This looks like a great place! I was just in Japan 2 weeks ago and the dishes reminded me of the things we ate there. I will have to check the place out next time I am in Bristol.

  4. Good to know the Japanes cuisine had something more than raw fish to offer.
    The plate does look yummy. The sushi too is good. Loved your salivary gland triggering pictures. 😛 🙂

  5. Thanks for the heads up on Yakinori – what a treat to get a table on opening night – that is definitely a different lemonade bottle lol I probably would have needed a bit of help too! The food looks delicious, I’ll have to book a reservation to try some of that Teriyaki duck and Gyoza!

  6. We love Japanese food! And wherever we travel to, we always end up having one meal in a Japanese restaurant! We haven’t been to Bristol yet, but will certainly consider checking out Yakinori when we go there. Thanks for sharing your experience at this restaurant.

  7. The food looks great. Not tasted much of Japanese cuising except some sushi of the vegetarian variant. Would love to explore more of this cuisine. Of course being vegetarians our options may not be that wide.

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