Ways to Protect your Digital Assets While Traveling

Ways to Protect your Digital Assets While Traveling

Traveling for work is getting more common, people travel for client meetings, to attend occurrence and other work-related activities. They need to carry all their digital devices and gadgets along with them. Those laptops could carry important strategic plans, financial or other sensitive information related to the company. Thus, it becomes very essential to safeguard the security and safety of the digital assets while traveling.

But it is not just the business traveller that needs to worry about protecting their digital assets as more people traveling now will be taking their phone which will hold personal data. My phone is my life if I was to loose the data on it I would be distraught. I always say I need to back up all my data and its often pushed to the back of my list so I need to start priotising it.

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Some advice before you hit the road

Take extra precautions to ensure that all your digital devices are within sight and securely stored at all times. A useful tip is to distinguish your device by using a bright sticker which can be removed later on.

It is advised to disable file and print sharing and use public Wi-Fi with caution. Use Laptop privacy filters if you must work while traveling to ensure higher safety and privacy and to limit the risk of visual hacking. I will not do any online banking on a shared network.

Bloggers, freelancers and digital nomads rely heavily on their digital identity. In fact, their entire career portfolio relies on their digital identity and account. For those who are anxious about the safety of their career legacy, there is useful information from SunLife. It is essential to secure your digital legacy and with the right and practical solutions.

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Keep in mind that it is critical for you to make use of the right policies and controls to defend your digital assets and career legacy when traveling.

Sophisticated cyber-attacks are surfacing all the time. Ensure that your devices are regularly updated and patched to anti-virus, anti-malware.

It is a good idea to set up to automatic upload updates and avoid ignoring it as it can be very risky for your work and the devices. Always travel light, and it is not just the baggage but your digital devices too and includes data on the laptop. Before traveling, delete or remove any sensitive data that you really do not need to work on the trip, to other portable devices.

You can always go for a secured and shared cloud file repository to limit the need of traveling with sensitive files on your device. Do not tempt others with unattended laptops and mobile devices in public places like the airport or restaurant. You should power off your devices before you arrive at the border to resist high-tech attacks to break your encryption.

Apart from the advice mentioned above on how to protect your digital devices, use common sense when traveling. Be wary about unknown mail attachments and keep the device security on 24×7. In case your device does get misplaced or stolen in the field or while traveling, always have a well-prepared response plan in place. Prevention is always better than cure, and thus if the above listed protective measures are properly executed before, during and after the travel, you can enjoy a safe and successful journey plus a peace of mind that your digital devices and information is safe all the times.

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