Ultimate list of Travel Gift Ideas

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Ultimate list of Travel Gift Ideas

The are tonnes of Gift ideas for someone who loves to travel. In fact if you know someone who loves travelling then they must be one of the best people to buy a gift for as there are so many cool items on the market. I have tried most of these myself and didnt even think about how useful some of them would be until I actually tried them. In no particular order here are my favourite travel gift ideas. 

Noise Cancelling headphones

My favourite travel gadget is a pair of earphones. I use them on the plane to listen to music, watch movies and drown out the kid screaming behind me. I think it is important to invest in a decent pair as there is nothing worse than sitting next to someone who has their music up so loud I can hear the beat and I think other travellers should take this into consideration. I also find them invaluable when staying in a noisy hotel room as it means I can listen to music or an audible book.

I personally prefer headphones as I dont like putting things in my ears and I find they stay on better if I am moving around. I have a pair that also folds up so they take up less space when I am not using them.

Sleep Eye mask

Perfect for the plane and also if someone is going to be sleeping in different time zones as it is easier to sleep if the mind thinks it is dark. 

Sickness bands

I used to suffer from travel sickness and always wear sickness bands. They work great for any type of travel weather it be on the road, sea or air.

Purse / Wallet

I love a smaller purse or wallet when I am travelling. I dont tend to walk around with all my cards so something small is perfect for me. I recently bought this lovely panda purse from Amazon and love it but there are loads on the market.

Foldable backpack

This is a must for me I carry so much stuff around with me even when I am trying to travel light. But I definitely need something to carry my water, my money and my medication so a foldable backpack us great. It means it wont take up too much room when I dont need it. I normally travel with a normal size backpack as well but the foldable one is great for when I am sightseeing rather than getting from A to B


Someone who travels will need a watch to make sure catch their flights on time.

Phone case and neck holder

I need my phone and camera easy to hand when I need to take a sudden picture and I dont tend to have pockets, plus I wouldn’t feel safe walking around with my expensive phone in a pocket so I have it around my neck. It means my hands are free when I need them but I have quick access to my phone when I need it. I have just bought a pack of five as mine snapped but that was after 3 years of use so now I have a few to keep me going. I have it on my phone and camera

The Tile App

This is a great little gadget for someone that tends to mislay their items such as keys but also would be great for someone who is going travelling as they could attach it to items incase they get stolen.

Now it is not nice to think that your things might get robbed when you are travelling but unfortunately it does happen. Attach one of these to your passport, kindle, laptop and the app will show you on the map where it is. I liked the design it was descreet so any unsuspecting thief will not even notice, I used it on the inside of my purse.

Whilst the Bluetooth range is only 100-200ft the app will show the last location which might help when reporting the theft. This was also great for me as I loose my purse about 5 times a day when I am travelling luckily it is always in the bottom of my bag but this gives me a little bit more piece of mind. it is waterproof light and stylish and the battery lasts at least one year.

TILE STYLE framed with a champagne gold ring, is satin white with a subtly-ridged texture, making it the perfect accessory to attach to valuable items.
RRP £30
Stockists: TheTileApp, Amazon

You can find out more about this cool gadget here

Wingz Fashion Sleeves

I absolutely love these a perfect gift for the ladies who are going travelling. They are fashion arm coverings, I love them as they can change so many tops into a new look. I got the black lace version and I can wear it under my black dress to make it from a day dress to something more classy if I am going somewhere posh.

They are literally sleeves so you wear them under vest style tops and it totally changes the look but the best part is they fold so small they can fit in my trainer when I am packing so a great space saver which is what I want when I am travelling. They come is so many different designs I am definitely going to purchase a few more when I go on my next trip. They come in large sizes as well so perfect for the person who wants to cover their bingo wings which is definitely me……

You can find more details about these here 

Engraved Pen

Someone who travels is going to need a pen. A pen can come in handy to write down important times and dates and also to keep a journal. To make the pen a little special how about getting their name engraved on it. I got one of these pens for my mums 60th as we were going to Australia and she was starting her first journal.

She loves it!!!! Pen Heaven have a wide range of different pens from ball points to the fancier fountain and most of them have the option of engraving to make the gift more personal. This will also make a great gift for anyone from a teacher to a student as lets face it people still need to write.

You can find out more about the range of pens here

Travel Safe

I find during my travels not all the places I am staying at have room safes and as added security these portable safes are amazing. I thought it was going to be really heavy so was surprised at how light it was. Also it was the perfect size for my laptop and I used it as my carry case so didn’t even take up any more room in my suitcase as I just didn’t take my laptop case.

I loved this gadget. It also meant I could lock things away in my suitcase for the added security at airports. It was really easy to use I just wrapped the cord around something sturdy. I generally used some heavy furniture to tie it around. They come in a range of sizes I find the 5L perfect for me as it fits in my passport, camera, laptop, kindle and purse but it also comes in 12L.

This safe is manufactured by PacSafe who have a wide range of other security products I think I might get a anti theft backpack next. They also have over the shoulder bags, totes, hip bags and wheeled bags.

You can find out more about PacSafe products here

Home Security Camera

Not really a travel product but again on the same theme of security whist travelling this webcam is perfect to keep an eye on your home whilst you are on your travels. It has a easy to use app feature so you can see the camera where ever you are.

You can read more about my review of the product here but this has given me so much piece of mind when I am away from home I love it. They have a few camera in their range I had the Evo and it was discreet that it is now out on display and no one would notice.

Again really easy to use I just connected it to wifi added the code and it started working. We had a bit of fun whilst I was away on my last trip as I mum was at home and every morning she said hello into the camera so I knew she was OK.

You can find out more about Y Cam Here

Lonely Planet Publications

I love these guides, if someone is off on their travels and you know where they are going get them a guide book so they can find out about the wonderful places they can visit whilst on their trip. Even if they do not have a trip booked give them a guide to their dream destination and it might give them the push to book the trip. I have a number of these books for the trips I have been on or I am still planning and find them a great resource.

Find out more about the Lonely Planet publications here

Designer Sunglasses

A nice pair of sunnies is vital for any traveller. Even if they are not going on a summer holiday. I have recently been to Vermont and it was freezing and snowing but there was still a glare from the sun. I would love a new pair of glasses for Christmas.

Find some cool sunglasses at Boots Designer Sunglasses Here

Travel Pillow

I never used to like travel pillows as I felt they just took up too much space until I tried the Bcozzy and then I realised I was actually missing out. As someone who loves comfort a travel pillow is a perfect give idea.

I use mine on planes, in cars on coaches and even whilst in hotels rooms if there are not enough pillows on the bed. You can also use it on the beach or by the pool side. I would recommend a blow up one or one that can clip to a bag so it doesnt take up unnecessary space.

Poo Pourri

I love Poo Pourri not only does it have a funny name but it actually really works. Since I share rooms, it covers up embarrassing smells in the bathroom. It is like pot pourri for the bathroom you spray it into the toilet before you do your business and it covers up nasty smells, it isn’t over powering like a air freshener can be and it really does work, I always take a bottle with me on my travels now.

Folding toothbrush

Everyone needs a toothbrush and a folding one is a great idea on saving some space. Also I like ones with lids or cases incase things leak in my bag means my toothbrush isn’t going to get any unpleasant tasting liquids spilt on it.


Updated Dec 2018 with new products and prices


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