Top 10 Winter Experiences

Top 10 Winter Experiences

The ‘Slow holidays’ company Inntravel have been offering slow holidays in Europe since the late 1980s, and their range is wide and varied, with something for all. Everyone can enjoy an Inntravel slow holiday, self guided from one welcoming hotel of character to the next, following detailed maps and route notes while luggage is transported ahead. As these walking holidays are for individuals, not groups, you can take your pick of the routes suggested each day and walk at entirely your own pace. I am taking part in the #slowwinterholidays to campaign to highlight the amazing experiences that are on offer at this time of the year.

I love winter holidays when I started my travelling journey a few years ago I visited Europe in February and was surprised at how the snow glistened that it inspired me to do more winter travelling. Before this trip I always chose places for the beach and sun but there is so much to do in winter destinations and here are my top recommendations for winter experiences

1.      Northern Lights

Seeing the Northern lights was on my bucket list like most people and I was so not disappointed. It has made it onto my top 10 list because it is such an incredible experience and I would highly recommend. I saw the Northern lights during a trip in January to Iceland but there are many other destinations where you can spot the northern lights depending on the time of the year. 

2.      Stay in an igloo

I haven’t done this but it looks amazing. I would love to stay in a glass igloo and watch the northern lights overhead whilst I am lying in a cosy bed and even if I didn’t see the aurora borealis I think it would still be a cool experience

3.      Winter Activities

I must admit I am not very active when I go on a trip but I would like to try some activities such as snowshoeing and snowboarding during a winter break. I don’t think I am brave enough to try skiing only because I am so clumsy I will either break something or topple off the slope and hurt someone else.

4.      Ice hotel

Ice hotels are carved into the ice and obviously when the ice has melted the hotel has gone so each year it needs to be re-carved. I imagine it is going to be quite cold and I probably won’t get any sleep as I can’t sleep if my nose is cold (how do you warm your nose up are there things such as nose warmers I need to consider this???), anyway it is going to be a unique experience sleeping on a bed of ice with furry blankets to keep you warm.


5.      Christmas Markets

I have visited a few Christmas markets and the best thing apart from looking at all the cool stuff they are selling is the food and drink. Where else is it OK to have a hot chocolate with shot of something (normally brandy) to warm your tootsies after shopping. I am very lucky living in Bristol, UK as we have an annual German market leading up to Christmas. I also love visiting Bath for their amazing Christmas markets. But there are so many European countries that have similar Christmas markets. I am going to try and visit Copenhagen Christmas Market this year even if it is just to taste all the different hot chocolates they have on offer.

6.      Train Journey

Everyone must do a winter scenic train journey at least once in their lifetime as it is breath-taking. I travelled from Budapest to Geneva on trains and it was amazing to see snow covered mountains, the brightest green lakes, and the architecture speeding by. Surprisingly it was not a cold experience I thought I was going to be freezing but I even had to take some of my thermals off as I was getting too hot. When the sun glistens on the snow it sparkles it is so beautiful. 

7.      Ice fishing

I remember seeing a film when I was younger with an Eskimo ice fishing for their dinner and it looked cool so I have always wanted to have a go.

8.      Husky sleigh

This is one of the top activities I think of when thinking of winter holidays. I would love to explore the wilderness with a pack of huskies and obviously a local otherwise I would get lost in the middle of no where and no one would ever see me again.


9.      Lapland

Obviously, this is to go and visit Santa!!! I think this has just been one of those magical looking destinations I have always wanted to visit. I imagine myself speeding on a snow mobile (speeding as I am sure there are no are no speed limits) and then going back for a beverage to warm me up.

10.   Icebreaker cruise

Anyone that knows me will know that I am a little obsessed with cruising. It is my favourite form of travelling and it wasn’t until I was researching this article that I found out about Icebreaker cruises and now I really want to go on one.

There are quite a few options but I like the sound of the Icebreaker Sampo on the Gulf of Bothnia the most northern part of the Baltics sea. Whilst the vessel breaks the ice you can look at the open ice fields how cool would it be to just see ice surrounding the boat. I thought this sort of experience was only possible in the Antarctica but now I have discovered this I am going to add it to my list of things to do.

Have you done a cool activity during a winter break I would love to hear about it? If you like this post please share and pin for reference.


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