This years travel plans


This years travel plans

I say this every year but 2019 is going to be my travel year. I couldn’t do much last year due to chemotherapy, so I need to make up for the time I lost when I was unable to travel.

I have got so many places I still need to visit that my head was getting quite baffled with which trip to research and where I need to go first. But I think I have now got a 2019 travel plan in place and to be honest it is going to be epic and I cannot wait.

Why I have chosen my 2019 trips

There are several top places still on my bucket list and I was finding it hard to narrow it down to which trip to do next as I do keep thinking it could be my last trip as having a terminal diagnosis you never know when I will have to give up traveling.

I don’t like booking too far in advance as I know that there is a high possibility cancer is going to start playing up so I dont want to lose any future trip or money for that matter. Due to this I make sure I have adequate insurance cover. I used to buy my insurance cover when I was about to leave for the trip but now, I realise it is important to purchase it as soon as you buy the trip, so you are covered I currently have annual insurance.

Planning for 2019 travel

Its partly due to my insurance why I have chosen my next trip. It originally was going to be south America and central America but the insurance is just too high now as I am so close to having finished treatment hopefully these should get cheaper if there are no further complications so this ruled out America for 2019 hopefully, I can get that side of the world in 2020.

It is also important to plan my trips around the time of year. I dont want to go somewhere and the weather ruins it or it is not the tourist season, when nothing is open as I have made this mistake before.

My first trip of 2019 was Lanzarote

I treated my mum to a week away in Lanzarote. It was a nice warm break, reading books, chilling by the pool with cocktails on an all-inclusive holiday doing nothing. The perfect holiday for me to get my strength up for my first big trip of 2019.

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relaxing by the pool at the morromar apartments

First big trip in 2019

I cannot go away for long periods as I have treatment every 3 weeks but, I have managed to push it back 1 week, so I have 4 weeks in Asia. The main part of this trip was to visit Cambodia. I planned out an itinerary and researched other places I could do whilst I was in Cambodia. I have already visited Vietnam and Thailand so was looking at Laos and Malaysia.


I worked out an itinerary for a solo trip, but since doing a group tour last year I didnt want to get lonely. I know that you meet so many people when travelling but it can be hard to make conversation with strangers on a daily basis whereas if you do a group tour you are with the same people for a few days and you build up a nice relationship getting to know each other. You get a bond as travel is obviously a interest that everyone on the tour shares.

You can find some of the best travel deals here

I went on my favourite tour website tour radar to have a look at the tours and found some good deals that were not that much more experience than the solo trip I had worked out. With the great sales that they sometimes have I managed to save money and I am swayed by a bargain, so I booked an 8-day Cambodia tour with Stray and a 15-day Bangkok to Singapore tour with G Adventures. I will end this tour with a few days in Singapore which I still need to finalise, hopefully I will get to do a food tour which would be a brilliant ending to this amazing trip.

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These are basic tours and I was going to try hostels to save money if I did it solo so I am happy to be a bit back to basic if it saves money. to be honest when you are travelling so quickly like on these tours  i.e. only 1 to 2 days in each place the hotels do not have to be luxurious as it will literally be a place to sleep.

Now I might be telling a different story after my trip when I will be screaming out for luxury but again, I am thinking of the money I will be saving so I can do another trip.

Asia is so cheap as I could have got it even cheaper doing it independently but due to still being very fatigued from treatment, I want to pass the responsibility to someone else to organise the trip so I can sit back and enjoy the sights and experience.

Hopefully when I get my strength back, I will be able to go back to planning solo trips but now group tours are suiting my needs.

Update : I did this trip in March and it was amazing. You can read more about my time in Cambodia and Malaysia here 

Crossing off many bucket list items

In 2019 I am crossing off so many bucket list items. One trip which I would love to do but the budget has not made it possible this year is Japan. The cost of this trip would be about 3 of the trips I have booked so far, so Japan is going to have to wait.

africa is on my bucket list this is a image of a giraffe in the wild

I want to see wildlife in Africa and that is planned for August where I will be doing a safari and visiting the Victoria falls. I have the safari booked but still need to work out my trip to the Victoria falls so if you have any tips then please get in contact.

It took me a lot of research until I found the perfect tour in Africa. A lot of the safaris were camping and even though I really enjoyed camping last year I am not sure I would want to be setting up camp every day and it will be too tiring to do this at the moment so I found a great accommodated tour. A little bit more expensive than a camping trip but I still think I got a good price so I am really excited about this trip and what animals I will see.

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Travel Talk tours

I loved the travel talk tour I did last year to Morroco and they also have great deals where I saved 50% so it would be rude to not book two trips for 2019. I have planned the Balkans in May and a sailing holiday to Croatia in September.

Check out the bargains on Travel Talk

Back to Egypt

I have booked another Trip to Egypt. I went last year to Hurghada but this time I am starting in Cairo so I can visit the Pyramids. I got a great deal with on the go tours when they had a 50% sale on, I am doing this trip in October 2019.

Camping in the UK

I have a few caravan holiday planned for the year which I got on sun holidays again love a bargain so when you can get a Monday to Friday trip for 4 for £40 I am not going to be turning this down. I have booked Cornwall and Kent, again I have not planned what I will do in these places during these holiday so if you have any tips on what to do get in contact.

I also have my new tent which I can not wait to use and need to plan a camping trip with one of my best friends. She lives in Manchester and I am in Bristol, so we need somewhere in the middle to meet up.


I saw Jessie J and Maria Carey last year. One of the best things about having a blue badge is I get a companion ticket to concerts so I am making the most of it and seeing some of my idols. This year I already have Robbie Williams, Ed Sheeran and Cher booked all very different artists but all great performers.

mariah carey in concert

I am going to be busy in 2019 but still have a little availability where I can squeeze a few more trips in so I will be keeping my eye out for anymore bargains.

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  1. I am in Thailand now- with plans to be in Bangkok early February and maybe Cambodia late February.

    I’m a world traveler who was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had a double mastectomy in Croatia in July 2018. Currently NED, still traveling.

    Wouldn’t it be wild to meet up?

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