Top 5 things to try this winter

Top 5 things to try this winter

Do you have the winter blues? Are you dreaming of something to do to cheer you up during these miserable months in the UK? A couple of years ago I went on my first long haul cruise, a 28 days Caribbean cruise during January and it was so cool to be away from the cold weather and was the perfect start to the new year for me. The year after I went to Iceland to see the Northern lights in January two totally different holidays but two amazing experiences. Winter is the perfect time to have a break away and here are some of my top ideas of things to try this winter.

Ski holiday

I would love to go on a ski holiday. One of my best friends is really into winter sports and I get jealous every time I look at her photos. I have always been a little nervous of trying to Ski as I am a little bit of a wimp when it comes to falling and hurting myself and I am sure I would be spending more time on my bum than I would standing up. But 2019 is my year to try new things so this is definitely on the list. I would like to try skiing as well as some other cool winter sports 

skiing holiday

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Northern Lights

Seeing the Northern lights is one of my highlights of travelling so far and I would absolutely love to see them again. I saw them during a trip to Iceland but there are many other places you can spot the lights and even much closer to home in Scotland. I have my new tent and I have been thinking of going to Scotland camping to try and spot the aurora borealis but think it might be too cold to camp in the winter so still looking at option if anyone has any suggestions.

northern lights

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Stay in a Ice hotel

This is definitely at the top of my bucket list. Ice hotels are obviously temporary as they are made of ice and as the weather gets warmer they will melt so it is perfect activity to do in winter. I think it would be a wonderful experience the only thing putting me off is when it is time to go to the toilet in the middle of the night, it might be a little bit cold.

ice hotel

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Winter Sun

If the cold is not for you then how about some winter sun. I am going to the Canary Islands in January, the closest destination to the UK by being less than 4 hour flight for some sun. It is not mega hot but in the 20s which is a lot better than the UK at this time of the year and I cant wait to have a few cocktails around the pool. I will also be going further afield to Thailand in February and exploring Malaysia which I am hoping will be sunny this time of the year.

winter sun

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Euro Disney in Winter

Euro Disney just seems to be more magical when it is snowing however I dont think I would like it if its cold and raining. In December they have the Christmas Parade which just looks so much fun and the fact that I am 37 years of age does not put me off one bit as I think we all have a bit of a Disney kid inside of us.

disney castle

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