50 things to do on the Oriana Cruise Ship

50 things to do on the Oriana Cruise Ship

I went on a 34 night cruise and thought there were lots of things to do on the Oriana Cruise Ship. Some people were moaning that they were bored and there was nothing to do, I couldn’t understand this. Even when I asked them what they wanted to do they didn’t know. Well here is a list of 50 things to do on the Oriana and I am sure that I have missed some things off the list. This might vary per cruise itinerary schedule but it give you an idea of what you can generally do.

things to do on the oriana cruise ship

  1. Afternoon Tea – Fancy little cakes and sandwiches in the main restaurant or nip into the buffet to grab and cake and go its all there in the afternoon. Unfortunately I was on early dinner sitting so didn’t have afternoon tea much as then I would of been too full but I love this English tradition.
  2. Art Classes – I don’t have a artistic bone in my body and don’t think anyone would appreciate my stickmen but some of the paintings people were doing were amazing. It was a really popular activity some people brought on their own art supplies or you could purchase them on board.
  3. Bars – An afternoon pint in the local pub or a pre dinner cocktail in the cocktail bar there is a place for any occasion on board
    • Andersons
    • Crows Nest
    • Harlequins
    • Pacific Lounge Bar
    • Lords Tavern
    • Sunset Bar
    • Terrace Bar
    • Tiffany’s
  4. Behind the Scenes tour If you want to see the galley or the bridge then this would be a cool tour. It is quite pricey and I haven’t done it because of the cost but would love to
  5. Bird Watching Depending again where the cruise is going you might spot a seagull or something more exotic. We had a little stowaway when I was on my cruise a bird was catching a lift. Don’t forget your binoculars.
  6. Black tie nights Now known as formal nights, a chance to show off your best frock and dress up. The men look smart in their tuxedos, suits or kilts and the ladies wear cocktail dresses, gowns or smart tops and trousers. It isn’t overboard (see what I did there!!) you dress how you like obviously if you are going to keep your jeans and t-shirt on then go to the buffet for dinner. The food in the main restaurant is a little bit more special on a formal night including beef wellington and lobster.
  7. Bridge – The card game is very popular on cruises. I don’t know how to play and have always wanted to learn its on the list of what to do on my next cruise. They had beginner lessons as well as normal games on board.
  8. Book a future cruise – If you are loving being on board you can go to the future cruise desk and see what you can book as your next cruise.
  9. Bowling – They don’t have an actual bowling alley but had a virtual game in the Lords Tavern pub.
  10. Casino – Win of loose some money in the Monte Carlo Lounge.
  11. Chill out on deck – This is one of my favourite pass times. If it is sunny I will get a sun lounger and have a little chillax. If it is a bit cooler then a deck check on one of the promenades with a blanket watching the waves go by.
  12. Cinema – This is the first time that I have been to a cinema on a cruise ship. They had a daily film that was shown 3 times a day. A good mixture of types of films to meet everyone’s likes. It was a nice way to spend the afternoon when it was a rainy sea day plus the seats were really comfy.
  13. Cocktail tasting – Whether you do this on your own or join one of the organised sessions its going to be fun.
  14. Crafts – There is always a craft session on cruises. On my 34 night cruise there was a paper crafter for a daily charge. Also one of the entertainment team held an afternoon craft session where you could purchase a craft pack.
  15. Crossword – You can get a daily crossword from the reception to do at your leisure.
  16. Cricket – A game of cricket on the top deck.
  17. Dancing – Dancing lessons or just have a dance after dinner.
  18. Day time entertainment
  19. Deck Games – Shuffleboard and deck quoits.
  20. Exercise classes – Some daily classes were free other had an additional charge.
  21. Eat – You are not going to go hungry on the Oriana. Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, snacks, dinner, midnight snacks…….
    • Al Fresco
    •  Beach House
    • Room Service
    • Sindhu
    • The Conservator
    • The Oriental Restaurant
    • The Peninsular Restaurant
    • Tiffany’s
  22. Evening Entertainment Mixture from headliner shows, guest entertainers including comedians, magicians, singers. Obviously, this will vary for every cruise but I found the entertainment good.
  23. Guest Speakers
  24. Golf putting
  25. Gym – I cannot comment on how good the gym is as I know nothing about them. I did pop my head round the door and it looked nice. They had daily exercise classes on free ones and ones at a supplement
  26. Haircut – I had my haircut whilst on board alongside the captain!! See my pampering at sea article for more information. You don’t even have to have your hair cut some people like to just have a wash and style to feel like a new woman or man.
  27. Ice-cream – You can enjoy a nice ice-cream from the terrace bar.
  28. Karaoke
  29. Knit and Knatter – This was on every day. I was surprised at how many people still knitted and brought their things with them. I can’t knit I really want to learn I have the needles and wool but just can’t get the hang of it. Next time I go on a long cruise I am going to take my needles and get someone to teach me.
  30. Jigsaws – In the library, they had several jigsaws that you could borrow, take back to your cabin or do in the library. There was also a large jigsaw that was always on the table in the library and people added a bit to it everyday
  31. Ladies pamper party
  32. Lectures – We had a number of different lecturers on board from a musician to a lifeboat worker
  33. Library – I love the library on the Oriana I got through quite a lot of books during my cruise and the librarian was really helpful and would put books she thought I might like to one side.
  34. Mingle with other passengers
  35. People watch
  36. Prop up the bar – There’s that drinking activity making another appearance. How about popping onto the lord’s tavern as though it’s your local and having a pint. They even had football matches on the screen when there was a satellite connection.
  37. Quiz – Many quizzes during the day and night including group, solo, men v women, progressive……
  38. Sauna
  39. Shop – OK you cant spend hours shopping as there are only a couple of shops – A duty free, general store, jewellery. They had daily specials, generally similar merchandise to other cruise lines I have been on. The general store was good though for my chocolate fix and the prices were quite reasonable.
  40. Sleep – I did plenty of this, the rocking motion of the ship sends me to sleep. I have the best nights sleep when I am cruising. I also had an inside cabin which is great for napping during the day as no day light. It is hard not to sleep the sea days away as there is so much other stuff to be doing. 
  41. Spa  – I love spa treatments, the Oasis spa on the Oriana had some nice treatments on offer although it is quite pricy. It was a nice place to have a treatment and you could watch the people out on deck or the waves crashing whilst having a pamper. See my article on spa treatments for more information
  42. Solo gatherings – During my cruise, which I was a solo passenger they had a solo coffee meeting each morning and afternoon tea.
  43. Sudoku – Daily Sudoku to be collected from reception area
  44. Sunbathe – This will depend where the cruise is going but there is a lot of deck space to pull up a deck chair or have a lie down on one of the sun loungers.
  45. Swim – I personally didn’t go in any of the pools but lots of people were using them
  46. Tennis
  47. TV – I like to have the TV on in my cabin mainly for background noise. There were some good programs and a excellent film choice. I also like to look at the ships channel with the webcam as if I am in a inside cabin I can see what the weather is like outside before deciding what to wear.
  48. Walk around the deck
  49. Watch the world go by – Or rather watch the sea go by. Unless you are near to land there might not be a lot to see but there is something so special about being in the middle of the ocean just watching the waves.
  50. Wine tasting – I did a wine tasting session on the Oriana cruise ship and learnt so much about what I was drinking it was really interesting and I will definitely do this again on a cruise.things to do on the oriana cruise shipSo if you like what you see here then I would recommend going on the Oriana cruise ship. I loved the cruise I was on but I am never disappointed with P&O anyway. 

things to do on the oriana cruise ship



8 thoughts on “50 things to do on the Oriana Cruise Ship”

  1. Wow, 34 days on a ship is a long voyage! My longest voyage was 14 days, and I filled my time at afternoon tea, wine tastings, casino nights, swimming, spa, and enjoying the on board entertainment shows. I can honestly say, in the 14 days, I was never bored. Great tips and suggested activities!

  2. I love that they have art classes! I would certainly never get bored on this cruise ship. I love that they have so many exercise activities, I would need that as I tend to over indulge on the good food.

  3. I’ve never been on a cruise but am always surprised reading these kind of posts at just how much stuff there is to do! I LOVE the sound of knit and knatter! I always take a ball of yarn and some needles and/or crochet hook away with me, so I reckon I’d be present and accounted for every single day for that on the cruise.

  4. Wow I love this list! I’ve been on a number of cruises but always forget how much there really is to do on a cruise. I mainly stick to the food and pool 🙂 Now I’m wanting to book another cruise!

  5. 34 nights, wow that sounds lovely. 34 days to be wined and dined and to relax would be so lovely! From redaing this list I don’t think I’d go bored either, wine tasting, sunbathing and eating are right up my alley haha.

  6. 34 nights for a cruise? Wow! The longest cruise I’ve been on was 14 days. I’m glad there is so much to do on board the ship, especially if you’re going to be there for over a month! My favorite activities were always trivia, wine tasting, and cocktail tasting (and anything near the pool). Cheers!

  7. I’ve never tried the Oriana cruise, I did try the Princess cruise for 30 days once, you went 4 days better than me! I put on a lot of weight in those 30 days despite going to the gym often. With the great food you photographed it must have been hard to resist on the Oriana too! I don’t know how people can complain they have nothing to do, surely it’s better than working!

  8. Wow! There ae so many more things on Oriana than the one cruise ship I’ve been on. Between the sauna, the wine tasting, and sunbathing I think I’d start off a pretty relaxing trip. Will have to keep an eye out for Oriana next time I book a cruise.

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