5 Cool things to do in France


5 Cool things to do in France

I visited France when I was at school on a school trip but thats so long ago I cant remember it I need to visit again and explore more since it is so close to the UK, might even drive over there this summer.

France is a beautiful, exciting, vibrant country; it’s one of those countries that you need to visit again and again to truly appreciate, which is no problem because you’ll want to keep visiting once you get a taste of the French ways of life.

If you think France is all about Paris and fine-dining, you’ll miss out on so much that is great about the country. Visit these places and have these experiences and you’ll get it and you’ll fall in love…

Stand in a Lavender Field in Provence

It might seem like such a simple thing, but immersing yourself in the sights and smells of the lavender fields in Provence is one of the most beautiful, powerful and memorable experiences you will ever have in your life. The perfume of the flowers is totally intoxicating as is the vibrant purple of the fields. It’s a truly wonderful experience.

Lavender is perfect for helping you to sleep so I am wondering if I were to do this if I wold just fall asleep in the field, nest not do it on my own as I might be there for some time.

a field full of lavender in france

Ski in the French Alps

I have flown over the French Alps many times and they look magnificent, I often imagine myself skiing down them, just imagine mind as I dont think I have the guts to actually ski I am too scared of breaking something, maybe I will start of with something easier like sledging.

Even if you don’t think skiing is your thing, spending some time in a luxury Purple Ski Chalet Foinsbois sipping wine in front of a roaring log fire looking at the beautiful snow-capped mountains after you’ve exerted yourself all day flying free down those very same hills is an experience as enjoyable as it is memorable. Give it a chance because you might just be surprised by how much fun you have.

snow capped french alps

Camp by Lake Annecy

How beautiful does this lake look it would be glorious t wake up to views like this in the morning.

Annecy is sometimes referred to as the “Venice of the Alps” and it is certainly every bit as picturesque as the famous Italian city. It is also home to some of the clearest waters in Europe where you can swim, and enjoy several fun watersports. To make the most of the beautiful area, you simply have to camp in one of the sites just outside of the town. Hire a bike to take you to and from the lake and live the laidback lifestyle for a few days to experience rural France in all its glory.

lake annecy in france

Drink Wine in Bordeaux

This is something I would absolutely love to do, I am more of a red wine fan now a days and could see myself sunning myself in the vineyards trying out all the different wines, it wuld be a hard task!!

If you’re an adult and you visit France without sampling the finest wines the country has to offer, you are seriously missing out. Bordeaux is probably the best known wine-producing region in Europe and there’s a reason for that: the wine is simply to die for. Spend a day, a weekend or even a week in Bordeaux sampling the wines and you won’t be disappointed. If you’re visiting in June, head to the fete le vin wine festival in the region for more full-bodied wines than you can shake a stick at. Just don’t get too drunk because no one likes a holiday hangover!

red grapes used to make wine n france

Visit the Graves of Oscar Wilde and Jim Morrison

Some people think its a bit morbid to visit Graves but they actually hold so much history I love walking round cemeteries.

Both the literary legend that is Oscar Wilde and the rock god that is Jim Morrison, frontman of The Doors are buried in Pere Lachaise Cemetery. Many visitors pay their respects by leaving notes, flowers and other keepsakes there and it’s an interesting way of spending some time. Oh, they are not the only famous people you’ll find there either. It might seem a little morbid to some, but it’s actually really interesting.

jim morrisons grave

What are your must-have French travel experiences?

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