Thermae Bath Spa Closes Steam Rooms

Thermae Bath Spa Closes Steam Rooms to Pave Way for New Wellness Suite

Its been over a year since I visited the Thermae Bath Spa. I wasn’t blogging at that point so didn’t get any pictures not that you can really take a camera into a pool anyway. The open air roof top pool offers amazing views over Bath and is a real treat.

I went in the steam rooms but didn’t last long as I don’t really like getting too hot and due to surgery I am not supposed to use them. They were really nice and if it’s your thing then definitely worth a visit. I do like the sound of the new Ice Chamber they will have. The Spa is a popular activity with 62% of visitors stating this was their main reason for visiting Bath.

However you may have to put the visit on hold as they are currently renovating for a new wellness suite. From the beginning of January to March 2017 Thermae Bath Spa’s four steam pods will close, and work will start on an exciting new Wellness Suite. The refurbishment will be undertaken by sauna and steam room specialist Dale Sauna.

Thermae’s current steam rooms feature four glass steam pods emitting different aromas, where guests can relax at their leisure. The replacement facilities will include:

  • Two new aromatic steam rooms
  • A state-of-the-art infrared sauna
  • An invigorating ice chamber
  • A new Relaxing Suite[media-credit name=”Credit :” align=”aligncenter” width=”600″]Thermae_Bath_Spa_medium-sized_1193480_Roman Steam Room[/media-credit]

Peter Rollins, Marketing and Communications Director for Thermae Bath Spa, said: “After ten years of use, the steam rooms are naturally beginning to show some signs of wear and tear. It’s very important for us to maintain our high standards and deliver a positive customer experience, hence our decision to refurbish this entire section of the Spa. Instead of replacing like with like, we decided to use the refurbishment as an opportunity to expand the types of wellness facilities available.”

The indoor Minerva Bath, Hot Bath treatment rooms, Springs Restaurant and the open-air rooftop pool will be operating as normal. During this period of work Thermae will do everything possible to minimise any inconvenience to guests. There will be no reduction in price but guests purchasing entry during the steam room closure will be given a special voucher entitling free entry for a return visit, so they can come and enjoy the new Wellness Suite by the end of November 2017.

Information provided by Thermae Bath Spa via Travmedia.



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