The Stable Bristol – Launches New Spring Menu

The Stable Bristol – Launches New Spring Menu – And has cider tastings!!!

The Stable Bristol has launched a new spring menu and we got invited to try some of the new offerings and a few cheeky ciders. The Stable Bristol restaurant can be found on Bristol Harbourside. They have a great selection of food, ciders and at the weekends have live music. They have over 80 different ciders but if your not a big fan they have other drinks including wine, beer and softdrinks.

menu stable bristol

The cider masters Ben, Olivia and Josh described the ciders that we were given to sample. Unfortunately I am not a cider fan so I took a friend along who is quite an expert on ciders, well she drinks enough of it to know her stuff. Whilst I was reporting that the ciders smelt like wee and tasted like a farm yard which I have to be honest, she described them a little bit more appealing so I will use her quotes rather than mine.

Later I commented that I still haven’t been converted there were only 3 ciders I liked and they were the 2 fruity ones and the Cornish gold as this was fizzy and refreshing. I was then brought a ginger and chilli one by Orchard Pig to try but even though I love ginger beer it still didn’t hit the spot.

cider tasting stable bristol

  1. Kingston Black – Very dry and strong, wasn’t keen on the aftertaste or the smell 5/10
  2. Red Hen – Has a eggy odour 3/10
  3. Cornish Blush – This one I really liked it was fruity fizzy and more like a prosecco that a cider dumdum we both gave this a score of 6/10
  4. Rosemary – Hunt – A slight taste of rosemary not too over powering 7/10
  5. Rum Cask – Can taste the rum 9/10 – she liked that one!!!
  6. Oak Aged – Very dry and quite weak tasting 6/10
  7. Daily Blend – This was delicious with a fruity taste of apricot, smells good too and would be great on a summers day 10/10

We got to sample some cheese and meat sharing boards which were really good, not sure exactly what was on the boards but they didn’t last long. The Pizzas are one of the best I have tried the crispy thin base is great and the various toppings were also tasty. I like that they are made to order and you can even see the guys making them. The pizzas come to the table with a pizza slicer so you can have a big of a slice as you like. Even the salads were great with some summery flavours.

stable bristol pizza

So although I didn’t like all the ciders it was still fun trying different ones and also the food helped soak it all up. If you want to try some flavours you are not used to the visit The Stable Bristol and do a tasting. I visited The Stable Bristol as part of a blogging event. Even though the food was free all opinions are my own please see my disclaimers page for more details.


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