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Unit 12 Cargo 2 BS1 6ZA, Bristol – www.spuntino.co.uk – {Disclaimer : post contains Affiliate links}

Spuntino is an Italian inspired American restaurant sounds a bit of a mixture but it actually works really well. I went along with a few other travel bloggers to sample the menu and I will definitely be going back to try more as it was divine. The new restaurant in Bristol is part of the cargo 2 development on the harbourside which is an excellent place to visit with friends and family. If you want to see some other tasty venues read 5 cool places to eat at Wapping Wharf a must read for anyone eating out in Bristol.

spuntino bristol chef

I loved the décor of this restaurant it was inviting and the seats were not crammed in. I visited on a sunny afternoon and there was seating outside.

spuntino seating

I started with a refreshing beer and whilst we were waiting for the food we were given some salted popcorn. My friends had Earl Grey Lemonade (Homemade lemonade with homemade Earl Grey syrup) and a Rhubarb Refresher (Containing raspberry syrup and rhubarb bitters) from the Mocktails menu.

spuntino craft beer

Spuntino means snack in Italian and we got to try a few of their tasty dishes which when I looked at the menu didn’t seem to be my taste but when I actually tasted them I was surprised at how well the flavours went together.

Bacon Devilled Eggs – One hard boiled egg cut in two, yolk mixed with vinegar, Tabasco and bacon fat before being piped back in to the egg. Topped with crispy bacon bits and chives. Something so simple but so delicious.

spuntino deviled eggs

Stuffed Fried Olives – Green olives stuffed with Parmesan and anchovy filling, rolled in panko breadcrumbs and deep fried. I don’t like olives but I tried one and was pleasantly surprised I think it was the saltiness of the anchovy filling and I liked it although I couldn’t eat too many as they were quite salty.

spuntino stuffed olives bristol

Marla Singer Burger – 5oz beef patty, succulent pulled pork, smokey homemade BBQ sauce, pickles and American cheese. I am going to go back and try some of the other burgers on the menu.

spuntino burger bristol

Small Lobster Mac N Cheese – Cooked in a lobster bisque and mixed in with Parmesan, mozzarella, fontina and Gruyere. I sort of detest Mac and Cheese after being served some really disgusting mac n cheese years ago and I haven’t touched it since. However I did try this and it wasn’t really the best dish but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be and I could have eaten it all.

spuntino lobster mac n cheese

Bismark Pancake – ‘Dutch Baby’ pancake (oven-baked risen pancake)served in a skillet and filled with buttermilk chicken, maple syrup and a dash of buttermilk, topped with coriander. Buttermilk chicken is a secret recipe but contains 5 spice for a unique flavour. This is one of the dishes that I thought was a bit of a miss mash of ingredients but I really enjoyed it. I never thought of putting a pancake with crispy chicken before but I am going to try this at home, the pancake was actually more like a Yorkshire pudding yumyum.

dutch baby pancake spuntino

Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich – The ‘bread’ is made from peanut ice cream, whipped in a certain way to make it more solid and less likely to melt (similar to parfait). This is cut into triangles (we all know that bread cut into triangles tastes far better than squares!) and filled with raspberry compote. Topped with peanut brittle. I have never tasted ice cream like this before with it being so solid it was more like a candy bar (I am getting in the new York frame of mind lol)

peanut butter icecream spuntino bristol

If you like the look of these dishes they have their own cookbook so you can make them yourself at home. Which you can purchase on Amazon Here.


So if you are looking for somewhere to eat in Bristol then you have to go and try this restaurant, let me know what you think.

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