5 Reasons You Should Consider A Ski Resort in Summer!

5 Reasons You Should Consider A Ski Resort in Summer!

Traditional ski resorts are found in some of the most beautiful parts of the world. It’s a shame that tourists tend to overlook these regions as a summer holiday destination, as they have so much to offer. If active holidays are at the top of your list, there are many summer activities offered at traditional ski resorts.

If relaxation and fine dining is more your style there are excellent spa facilities to be found along with Michelin star restaurants. One thing is for sure you won’t fail to be impressed by stunning scenery.

skiing in italy in summer

Travelling and staying in a ski resort during the summer months can be considerably cheaper than in peak season. Flights may not be as frequent, but most major airports will continue to provide flights to winter ski areas. Once you reach your airport closest to your destination you will need to research transfers to your resort. If you choose to visit Andorra in the summer, Barcelona is likely to be the airport you fly to. From this point you can research the options available for travelling from Barcelona to Andorra, these could include shared transfer, private transfer or public transport.

ski in andorra

Here are a few reasons for visiting a ski resort in summer.

The scenery

Once the snow melts in the mountainous regions of the world a beautiful landscaped is uncovered teeming with wildflowers and fauna. The blue skies against the backdrop of stunning mountains are breathtaking and the crystal mountain waters running through the regions are a magnet to water enthusiasts, nature lovers and families alike.

The activities

Warmer weather without the restrictive nature of snow, offers a whole range of opportunity to try something new. You could try paragliding, climbing, mountain biking or hiking. You could also learn a new water sport, fish or sail. Different regions offer different specialities, so research your area to discover what is on offer. You may even still have the opportunity to ski in summer, often the altitude of certain mountains means snow is year round.

ski equipment

Outdoor music festivals

Out of season ski resorts are often thought of as sleepy, relaxing places with not much going on. However there are a surprising number of festivals and concerts attracting big names held in the skiing regions of Canada, Switzerland and Austria. Aspen in Colorado, literally has a music festival to suit any genre, the most popular being The Jazz Aspen Snowmass.

The food

Many famous restaurants have sprung up in ski resorts, all catering for the wealthy and discerning traveller. It is nigh on impossible to get a table at some of the popular restaurants in the ski season, unless you have celebrity status! In summer the area will be less crowded, meaning you will be able to sample the finest cuisine easily. Prices may possibly be lower too. I always associate skiing with Fondue I dont know why but if I ever went skiing I think I would have to have one afterwards.

fondue after skiing


Similar to the cuisine in ski areas, spa facilities are now readily available. They are of high quality and they are busy during the ski season. In summer you will be able to relax in peace. What better a way to finish off a hike into the mountains, than with a luxury  spa treatment!

woman relaxing in chair after skiing

It’s time to change your perception of ski resorts as a summer destination. Try something new!      

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