A city with so much greenery : Parks in Bucharest

Parks in Bucharest

I didn’t realise Bucharest has so much green space. I visited in May, when the weather was nice, Bucharest really come alive with the sounds of the birds singing and the flowers were blooming. 

Locals as well as tourists were enjoying the sunshine. Either playing with their families, walking their dogs, or just sitting and watching the world go by.

It is not often I have time to just walk around a park and really take in what was going on. I smelt the flowers, I got up close and examined the plants and even got close to some of the wildlife as the birds seemed to be friendlier and were letting people so close.

parks in bucharest

One of the highlights were the hundreds of pigeons being fed by locals. It was fascinating to watch the birds going crazy for the food. I am normally a little nervous around pigeons as worried they are going to poop on me but I loved watching them.

parks in bucharest

You can even get a freshy squeezed orange juice from a vending machine. This is the first time I have ever seen one of these never mind it being in the middle of a park.

orange juice vending machine parks in bucharest

Herăstrău Park Location : B-dul Aviatorilor

When I went on Trip Advisor and searched for things to do in Bucharest I was surprised that Herăstrău Park came in at No2. But after visiting I can understand why. It is such a peaceful and relaxing place to walk around.

Herăstrău Park parks in bucharest

I was visiting the Village museum which is next to the park and then wandered into the Herăstrău which was a pleasant surprise.

parks in bucharest

Village Museum

Michael Jackson is reportedly very popular in Bucharest. During the free walking tour the guide told us how he did a speech from the balcony of the Parliament Palace and said “Hello Budapest, I mean Bucharest” in 2009 but people found it funny rather than was offended. In the park there was a memorial to the legend.

parks in bucharest

Also, when I came out of the park onto Kiselef Street, I was at the Triumphal Arch which is another iconic landmark in Bucharest so I managed to see 3 wonderful locations during this visit. The park is near to public bus stops, but I used Uber even at rush hour going to the other side of the city which took 40 minutes it was less than £6.

parks in bucharest

Botanical Gardens – Location : Sos. Cotroceni 32

I didn’t go here but heard it was nice and would have visited if I had more time.

Open Gardens  08:00-20:00. Botanical Museum Open 10:00-15:00, 09:00-13:00, Sat, Sun, Closed Fri. Greenhouses Open 10:00-13:00, Closed Mon, Wed, Fri.

Price Admission to the gardens 5 lei, students and children 2 lei. Admission to the museum and greenhouses costs extra, 2 lei adults, 1 leu children.

Titan / Alexandru Lon Cuza Park – Location : Str. Liviu Rebreanu

Has a replica of Maramures wooden church which is a remarkable wooden church which is supposed to be lovely inside.

Tineretului Park – Location : B-dul Tineretului

Claims to have the best playgrounds in the city so a great place to take the kids. You can hire bikes in the summer, Sala Polivalenta is a concert and exhibition venue. It is next to Oraselul Copiilor which is a large fairground great for kids. 

Cișmigiu Park Location : Intersection of Piata Revolutiei and B-dul Kogainiceanu

The park is in the centre of Bucharest and a great place to escape from the many cars the city has. I loved exploring this park, there were lots of locals sat on the benches and some were playing board games. If I had more time I would have visited again as I only got to walk around some of it. Again Cișmigiu Park has ranked high on Trip Advisor for things to do in Bucharest. 

Cișmigiu Park sign parks in bucharest

The flowers were colourful and beautiful and the birds were singing. I enjoyed a little stroll looking at the nature and the statues. They had a play area for children, boat rentals, places to get something to eat and drink.

There is a band stand which if you are lucky enough you will catch some local music.

Cișmigiu Park parks in bucharest

Even I enjoyed the childrens area, I didn’t go as far as going on the swings but it did look a great area for kids to play.

parks in bucharest

If you visit Bucharest definitely try and get to at least one of these parks as it is nice to sometimes escape the hustle of the busy city and listen to the birds singing.


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Parks in Bucharest

 Originally published in 2017 and updated in 2019

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