Oriana Refit – Cruiseship gets a uplift

Oriana refit 2016

I was on board the Oriana on its last journey before its recent refit. She was looking tired in some places but I didn’t even think it needed a refit as loved the ship. I was however slightly disappointed that the maintenance wasn’t being kept up to standard during our sailing. I understand that it was going into a refit so it wouldn’t have been cost effective to replace some of the broken items but when nearly 2 out of 3 sinks in the ladies toilets were out of order and the windows were not being cleaned so we could even see the outside it was getting a bit annoying.

Anyway she has had her refit and I would love to go on and see how she know looks but instead will have to share some of these photos from the P&O website

The Peninsular & Oriental Restaurants

The carpets and curtains were replaced, a new colour scheme and the lighting was upgraded. I wonder if they removed the lamps from the middle of the tables as sometimes it was really hard to have a conversation with someone over the lamp.

“This rejuvenation ensures that you can continue to dine in elegance and style for years to come.”

oriana refit


All soft furnishing were replaced. I was a bit surprised at this as they were in such good condition. Furtnitrue has been repaired or replaced and the bathrooms have been upgraded which was needed as they did look a little old fashioned

“We know that the place you rest your head while on holiday is one of the most important aspects of a relaxing break. Your cabin should be where you look forward to heading to at the end of the day, and a space for some much-needed time out during busy holiday activities.”

oriana refit

Salon, Spa & Gym

The spa has a new look and the relaxation area has been refurbhished, this did look a little drab befofe so would be interesting to see now as I love spa treatments. For more information on the spa treatments I had whilst on board read this article.

To offer guests the best salon treatments, we have introduced a new pedicure station and upgraded salon equipment such as the washbasins and treatment beds, so guests can be pampered to their heart’s content.

The sauna, steam-room, whirlpool and changing areas have been uplifted with new tiling, modern furniture and contemporary equipment. I can not comment on how this looked previously as I knew nothing about it and I am absolutely gutted I never got to see the whirlpool.

“A improved layout meaning that you can focus on pounding the pounds in the gym area, while the relaxation areas are all about escaping to a calming retreat with soothing décor and natural effects such as wood, flowers and plants”

oriana refit


“Named after P&O founder Arthur Anderson, has retained its sense of understated luxury. Only now, it’s an even more ideal venue for a pre-dinner tipple or a relaxing nightcap, with stylishly elegant new bar stools, sofas, chairs, tables, lamps, carpets and rugs.”

I hope they didn’t get rid of the big comfy chairs. I often went and sat in Andersons during the day to read a book it was a very relaxing place to sit.

oriana refit

This information has been provided by P&O cruises. If you would like more information on the Oriana or would like to book click here.



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  1. I really enjoy P&O cruises very British and not pretentious. I cant wait to try the rest of the fleet out.

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