Lisa Reynolds – Running a marathon on the high seas.

Lisa Reynolds runs a marathon on a cruise ship

Lisa Reynolds, 34 a market research manager for carnival is doing a fund raising challenge that I haven’t heard of being done before.

She is running the London marathon to raise £2000 for P&O Cruises nominated charity, Macmillan. Also to raise awareness of this run Lisa isn’t just running on the roads or around a park, she will be doing it around the decks of the cruise lines fleet. OK so its not exactly on the high seas as the ships are going to be in Southampton dock but still an original interesting idea. After seeing people running around the deck on their holidays Lisa came up with this idea.

Lisa will be running 3.74 miles on all 7 ships for the total to be the same as a 26.2-mile marathon. So far, she has run on Aurora (which I love) and Oceana. Ventura is planned next, followed by Oriana, Britannia and Azura at the end of March. Lisa is sailing on Azura when she completes her run and says she “will be heading straight to the buffet afterwards”

lisa reynolds

She wanted to do a challenge that would capture people’s imagination. As Macmillan and cruising have a close place in my heart I love this idea and wish Lisa luck. She has invited me down to Southampton to see her run a section of this challenge. I am hoping it is to actually just watch as I cant even run around the block never mind 3.74 miles.

I caught up with Lisa to find out why she was doing this challenge

“Last summer I spent time collecting donations on the streets of Winchester for MacMillan. This put me in an incredibly privileged position, to be able to hear first-hand how MacMillan has supported so many people. I was touched by the stories I heard that day, as well as by the amount of money we collected so I decided that I wanted to do more to help such a fantastic charity.

Sadly, we’re all touched by cancer, MacMillan makes sure that cancer patients and their families don’t need to go through it alone and it is this support that I think makes this charity so special”

£2000 seems like a huge amount to raise but when you think £28 could pay for a Macmillan nurse to spend an hour with a patient every £ matters. Lisa says “If I can get 80 people to sponsor me £1 for every mile that I’m going to run then I’ll make my target”.

P&O Cruises have been really supportive Lisa even managed to get the ship’s crew involved, Captain Hall and some of the crew even ran with her on Aurora!

lisa reynolds

Captain Hall joining in the challenge

Lisa will be running the London Marathon on the 23rd April 2017 she says “The real challenge is going to be running, non-stop, for more than 4 hours – I’m aiming to complete the course in less than 5 hours and every pound I can raise for MacMillan will keep me going. I’m not the most experienced or the fastest runner so the training starts now.

Macmillan means so much to cancer patients and their families

“My name is Angela, in 2014 my world fell apart so it seemed, diagnosed with breast cancer I had to undergo a double mastectomy and lymph 13 nodes removed. Then followed by 6 months of chemotherapy which really made me poorly, loosing my long hair did not phase me though if anything gave me a new look at myself for the better. During this time I needed to help if MacMillan who helped me in many ways, I’d always knew about them but never realised what a valuable aid and charity they are and were to me.” – Angela Crow

“I think this is a novel and original way to raise money and awareness for the brilliant job that Macmillan nurses do . I had need of them just under 3 years ago when I was diagnosed with breast cancer After a partial mastectomy , Chemo and radiotherapy I am now on anastrazole for 5 years. I found the service they provide invaluable and a godsend . Always there to listen and give advice . Good luck to Lisa hope she achieves and exceeds her goal and has fun doing it.” – Jan Robinson

If you would like to support Lisa Reynolds go to her justgiving page

I will be following Lisa on this challenge and will post an update of her next run.  


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