I think its time to move house

I think its time to move house

I not really a big fan of where I live at the moment I think its time to move to a new house. But I have to be close to my hospital to have my treatment. I know I could move hospitals but I have built up a lovely relationship with my oncologist I worry it wouldn’t be the same in a new hospital. Anyway its just a dream at the moment. We are having our bathroom adapted so hopefully when that happens I will get the love back for the house that I used to have.

thinking of moving house this is a house looks amaerican family home


So in the mean time its just a bit of day dreaming. One of my favourite pass times is to pretend I have the funds and can move anywhere and go on Rightmove to find my dream home. Depends which mood I am in it could be somewhere by the coast with amazing sea views. Or a mansion in the countryside with a outdoor swimming pool. Obviously I have unlimited funds so I search around the 1 million price tag.

Then I look at what furniture I will buy and how I will decorate it. I even think about how I will move all my stuff due to being disabled but mainly because I am lazy I would get a moving company to do all the work.

my dream new kitchen


I have even thought about moving to a different country Canada keeps coming up a lot but then I started thinking about how I would get my stuff over to another country. My day dreams are very detailed. But there are companies such as Matco that would even ship my crap from UK to Canada. To be honest if I was moving that far I would get all new furniture so it would only be my personally things and clothes to take but I bet I would still need a truck actually as I am a bit of a hoarder.

moving guys


Moving house is supposed to be on of the most stressful things but when I have done it before I loved it, I love having a blank canvas to build into your nest and I think thats what I am craving rather than actually leaving the area I have called home for the last 20 year.


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