Summer Hottest European Spots


Summer Hottest European Spots

Once summer arrives, most travelers head to exotic locations across the globe, such as Morocco, Mexico, and Thailand. These destinations are absolutely beautiful and have some fantastic cultures that you can discover, but there is one issue that most people have with them – they can be far too hot. If you aren’t good at dealing with the heat and high humidity, then you might not feel comfortable traveling around the usual summer spots.

But why go so far when you could simply head to Europe? Europe has some great summer destinations that won’t be as hot as those in Africa, South-East Asia, and Latin America. The temperatures and climates in Europe are often very temperate and the humidity never gets too overwhelming.

So, fancy some European travel this summer? Here are some of the best summer spots.


If you love good food and wine, then you should head straight to Italy. It is known as being a foodie’s paradise, and once you sample the pasta and gelato, you will soon understand why. And the wine isn’t half bad either! But the food isn’t the only reason why you should visit this country – it’s beaches are fantastic as well. Check out the coasts at Amalfi and Rimini.

Amalfi Coastline

Amalfi Coast


Spain has some brilliant coastal towns that are known for their beaches, such as Marbella, Majorca, and Lanzarote. If you want, you can stick to the Spanish mainland and visit its cultural cities, including the brilliant Barcelona, or you might want to jet off to the country’s islands. Each island has its own culture and way of life, and you will also find that there are some fantastic local dishes to boot.


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When you think of a holiday in France, you probably just imaging visiting Paris in your mind. But there are so many other great destinations around this cultural country, many of which are ideal summer locations. Take the southern city of Cannes, for example. If Cannes looks a bit too expensive for you, there are still a lot of affordable resorts in France. Menton in Provence is a fantastic place the whole family will enjoy, as is the very beautiful Cassis.

cars in cannes

Posh Car Spotting in Cannes


Do you want to completely escape the heat of summer? If so, why not visit Iceland? Don’t worry; the country doesn’t get as cold as it does in winter in the summer. In fact, the temperatures can be fairly mild. You can visit the capital city of Reykjavik or head out to explore the thrilling natural landscapes in the countryside.

Reykjavik Skyline

Reykjavik Skyline


Another country that boasts some of the best beaches in the world is Greece. Santorini is a particularly popular holiday spot, and there is no wonder why. It features black-sand beaches and some archaeological sites where you can learn about Ancient Greece. It’s also a really fun island for those who like their thrills as many visitors hire quad bikes to explore the island on.

acropolis in athens


There are plenty of summer spots in Europe – where will you go?

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