Guesthouse in York : Monkbar

Guesthouse in York : Monkbar

I really wanted to like the Monkbar guesthouse as the owner seemed so nice and I like supporting independent businesses rather than large chains but there were just a few things that means I can’t include it on my list of places to stay in York. Maybe and I am hoping that it was just me being unfortunate so I wouldn’t say don’t stay here but be prepared just in case. I would actually give it another chance if I was to visit York as it is an excellent price and in a great location.

I was travelling solo and was given a front large bedroom with a double and single bed. You even got a teddy bear on your bed.

monksbar gueshouse

The bathroom was not in the room but opposite the corridor which is clear on the website but I must not have been paying attention to that when I booked  the room. I just saw private bathroom and thought that was in the room. I wasn’t that bothered as it was only a small guesthouse and I was prepared to pop down the corridor to go to the toilet in the night but it was absolutely freezing.

To be fair the weather had suddenly changed over the last couple of days from being hot where you slept with the windows open to getting chilly and you need to put a jumper on whilst outside. But the bedroom and bathroom were unbearably cold. I am not normally a cold person but when your nose is cold when you’re under a huge duvet it’s time to put the central heating on.

There was a radiator in the room but it didn’t work however there was a portable heater which did take the chill from the bedroom after a few hours of it being on but there was nothing in the bathroom. I held my pee in as much as I could during the night as didn’t fancy freezing my bottom off going to the loo.

I mentioned it to the owner in the morning and asked if I could possibly move rooms he said he could get me an extra heater, I said but the problem is also the bathroom it’s too cold that I didn’t even have a shower as didn’t want to strip off in there. He said there was a single room available. Well that’s fine as I am travelling solo so I got changed to room 4.

This was a little box room but adequate for my needs as I was doing so much touring of the city it was a place just for me to get into bed and rest.

The bathroom or rather closet had a sign on saying keep the door shut whilst showering as the steam will set off the smoke alarms. So I had a tepid shower as didn’t fancy having the fire brigade barge in whilst I was washing the suds out of my hair.

The bed was comfortable however every time I moved so did the bed so I ended up waking up a foot away from the wall, not really a problem but still a bit annoying.

The worse thing and maybe it’s just me being fussy was the breakfast. I was so looking forward to proper cooked breakfast as I had paid for this and the reviews were saying how great they were. However on the first morning I ordered a bacon sandwich as I was in a bit of a rush going on a day coach tour so didn’t want a heavy breakfast. I was asked if I wanted it on brown or white toast. White toast please, it came on white bread. Ok not too much of an issue although not what I ordered but I didn’t order the extra mould on the bread. After my second bite I was like this tastes a bit funny, looked down and there was a bright green blob of mould on the crust, which of course put me off straight away as I must have also just eaten a bit of mould which was why it tasted strange. But the owner was talking to me all the way through the breakfast so I had to swallow it, and try and eat a bit more I took two more bites nearly heaving but as he was watching me and I’m a polite person I couldn’t say anything. I know I should and I would have said something if I was in a larger hotel but it just seemed harder to say it to this sweet man. As he disappeared off into the kitchen, I quickly got up and left the dining room, I didn’t return for breakfast. I should have complained but felt harder to do this in a little guesthouse as at the end of the day this is someone’s livelihood which is why I am not saying don’t stay here but as I am honest to my readers I have to make you aware of these little things.

Apart from that the stay was great. The guesthouse is in a great location a few minutes’ walk from the city, near the Monksbar city gate. It is near the hop on bus stop, near a local bus stop and I only paid £55 per night which in York is very good but I personally wouldn’t return to this guesthouse. Because of these reasons I am not linking to the hotel website as I feel a bit mean leaving a bad review but giving mouldy food is a big no no in my opinion, everything else I could have coped with.

If you get a good price then I would say stay and hopefully you will have a great stay as it is such a cute little guesthouse.

If you are thinking of visiting York then I would recommend it as there is so much to see, do and eat. Try and visit during the York Food and Drink Festival it is epic. You can also see more articles I have written on York here.


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