Gardens by the Bay Night Light and Music Show : Singapore

Gardens by the Bay Night Light and Music Show : Singapore

Sometimes I research a destination so much that by the time I get there I feel as though I have already seen it. Before my trip Bangkok to Singapore I hadn’t done much research mainly because I booked it only a few weeks in advance and I didn’t have time but also because it was a group tour and fast paced so most things were already organised.

The tour was finishing in Singapore and I had a few days to explore so I had a list of things I wanted to do but I had not spent hours reading up about them like I normally do.

I had heard about the gardens by the bay but I didn’t really know what it was. The image of the large tree structures was popping up often on Pinterest. 

Garden Rhapsody is a signature light and sound show of the Gardens by the Bay, and its overall creative vision is led by award-winning Lighting Designer Adrian Tan, and one of Singapore’s most sought-after music composers and arrangers, Bang Wenfu, since 2015. You can find out more about the show on their official website and see which theme of music is currently playing.

gardens by the bay at night

I went to the Gardens by the Bay light show on the last night of my group tour and I am so glad I did as it was spectacular. I don’t tend to venture out much at night when I travel solo because of safety but also because I get very tired after exploring places during the day so I am glad this was part of the tour as I might not have gone on my own.

gardens by the bay light show

All I can stress though is if you are travelling as a group with your kids or on your own then you have to visit the free lightshow at the gardens of the bay yes, I said free come-on there is not a lot of things that are free nowadays so take advantage.

We were strolling to the gardens of the bay and we were running late we just managed to get inside as the show began. My roomie on the G Adventures group tour had been to the lightshow before and she said we had to hurry and lie down to get the best view. I was like “were just gonna lie on the floor won’t people stare at us??” but I didn’t have too much time to think it over we had to run into the lift to get to the viewing area with seconds to spare.

We raced and I don’t often run but there was no way I was getting lost on my own in this crowd to be honest we only went a couple of metres from the lift where we all collapsed onto the ground as the lights and music began.

Looking up at the futuristic trees makes you feel like you are on a set of Avatar and then when the music starts it is quite mind blowing.

garden by the bay magical trees

There are two light shows per day one at 19.45 followed by one at 20.45 we watched the light show then went to another free light show at Marina Sands. Spectra was also a great show which was dancing fountains to music on the river, this was also a popular event we sat on the floor and got a great view but be warned we did get wet from the spray but it was OK as it was such a warm night it kind of cooled me down. I never went to Sensota Island which I will have to do next time I am in Singapore but they have a Crane Light show which looks really cool.

The light show in the Gardens by the Bay was brilliant one of the best things I have seen in a while and the best thing like I said before is it is free. So, I recommend you lie on the ground, everyone does it and look up and take in the show it is something not to be missed in Singapore. After the show stroll around the area and take in the beautiful sights of Singapore at night.

view by the gardens by the bay at night

You can also visit the gardens by the bay during the day for a totally different experience. The light show is free at night but if you want to visit the Gardens by the Bay during the day there is a charge. It is quite fascinating that there is something so beautiful as these gardens in a bustling city but everything about Singapore seems so unique, it is a wonderful place to explore and I can’t wait to go back as I still have so many more things that I want to see and do in Singapore.

Image by Arulonline : Pixabay

The gardens are loved by tourists and have won many awards and also locals seemed to be enjoying the grounds. There are plants, lakes and art sculptures and you can spend hours just walking around exploring. The supertrees in the gardens of the bay can be seen towering in the city from many different points in the city as I was going around in the open top bus I kept spotting them. You can walk along the skywalk 22 metres high to get more views of the gardens and the city.

gardens by the bay sculptures

Image by Arulonine : Pixabay

Have you been to the Gardens by the Bay? Did you go at night or during the day get in touch and tell me what you thought.

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