How To Feel Awe-Inspired This Summer

How To Feel Awe-Inspired This Summer

When was the last time you felt awe-inspired? It’s a valid question. Perhaps we go years without feeling this way. We certainly remember when it happens however. Often we may feel chills, or goosebumps, or a sense of pure wonder and inspiration. It can be a very positive emotion, something that can even change your life. You deserve to feel amazed by something every day, but often the routine and habitual nature of our lives can suppress this to a degree. This isn’t to say you should try and focus on artificial amazement from day to day. However, sometimes opening a little space for it in your life can help the hole experience feel close at hand, and help you realise the beauty of life no matter where you are.

If you hope to experience a real sense of awe, consider these following activities to be conducted this summer:

Visit A Show

Seeing performers at their best can be a great way to feel amazed, and to completely marvel at how people can perform such incredible feats. I would recommend seeing Aladdin in London, or perhaps watching your favourite artist play their heart out at a summer festival. To see performers and artists who have taken years to perfect their craft show you the power of a story via the skill they possess, you can leave feeling truly humbled, and even creatively inspired.

Visiting a show is not only a recreational activity, but can help you feel that sense of wonder than you might be missing. We’d certainly recommend visiting a medium that you might not have experienced in some time, as getting out of your comfort zone can leave you feeling more receptive and aware of the experience you are to have.

alladin show

Visit A Dream Destination

You have likely been attending vacations that you can feel comfortable in, perhaps with packages that help you enjoy the entire experience in a more curated way. However, when was the last time you truly considered your potential for experiencing a dream destination? Might it be a long expedition could help you feel awe inspired, and could it potentially become one of the more rewarding journeys of your entire life?

Visiting a dream destination such as Venice, or perhaps Milan, or to drive down Route 66 with a friend, or to even enjoy the benefits of a cruise heading around the Mediterranean, could all help you feel that life-changing awe that comes with traveling and letting a full experience shift who you are and broaden your horizons. You’ll know this feeling when you feel it, as it is absolutely powerful and incredibly impressive in many ways. Journal throughout this journey and you’re sure to come away with some personal insights you may not have thought possible. That’s right, awe can sometimes come from within.


With these simple options, feeling awe inspired this summer may be easier than you could have predicted. To us, that’s a fantastic way to start.

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