Slow Travel Inspiration at Discovery Day 2017

Discovery Day 2017

I attended the Discovery Day, a free event hosted by Inntravel and had fun trying food from around Europe and getting some inspiration for my next trip. 

The Inntravel Discovery Day was held at Cheltenham racecourse. I used to go to University in Cheltenham and lived about 5 minutes away from the race course and I never went so it was interesting to finally get to see the inside of the racecourse.

Checltenham racecourse holds discovery day 2017 event

Cheltenham Racecourse

I must admit I have been travelling so face paced this last two years that I have missed things, or I tire myself out so much that I struggle so the idea of slow travel is very appealing.

I have been working in collaboration with Inntravel to promote the idea of “Slow Holidays”. Slow travel is not about just plodding along or being inactive. It is about looking at destinations in a different way, immersing yourself in local life by slowing down which means you see more people more landscapes and get a different perspective whilst you are travelling.

slow travel display board with Inn Travel

Slow Travel with Inn Travel

Inntravel offer self-guided walking and cycling holidays with detailed maps and routes and the best thing is your luggage is transported ahead so you don’t have to worry about packing light as you don’t even have to carry it!!!

They described the Discovery Day as a “living brochure” and I guess it really was. Each destination that you can travel to with Inntravel had a display where they gave samples of local food and drink and answered any questions keen travellers may have. I loved looking at all the displays and meeting with hoteliers, restaurateurs and tourist boards from these destinations who were able to give a true honest opinion of the places where they lived. As they were all so passionate about their home towns it made me just want to visit them all.

food samples at the discovery day 2017

Food samples on offer yumyum!!

There were several presentations to give more in-depth information about some of the destinations, these were really interesting and I thought it would help me decide where I want to go next but it just made me want to visit all of the places as they were such good talks. 

Manor Houses of the Minho

I visited Portugal a few years ago in winter and it was different to how I imagined the country to be from people’s summer holiday snaps. I would love to go back and explore some more, and Minho sounds like a lovely place for my next adventure. The Portuguese consider this to be the most beautiful area of their country with vineyards, orchards, and seductive landscapes.
Count Francisco de Calheiros described his family manor where you can stay during one of these trips with such passion that it made me want to pack my bags and head over to this North-West corner of Portugal straight away.

Find out more about Manor house of the Minho

Vineyards in Portugal, travel inspiration for slow travel

Vineyards in Portugal, travel inspiration

Bayeux and Beaches of Normandy

I have always wanted to visit the Normandy beaches ever since I covered the wars in my history lessons at school. Even though it is not that far from the UK, France is just one place that I haven’t yet visited so hopefully things will change soon as I am going to look into visiting here soon. 2019 is the 75th anniversary of the D Day landings so it will be an interesting time to visit.

Find out more about Bayeux and Beaches of Normandy

The Canary Islands

Me and my mum have been to Lanzarote many times as we like to go away in February and this is the closest we can go for some sun. However, this talk raised awareness of the less known island La Palma and now this is a place that I would like to visit next. The island apparently has a Cuban feel to it and after visiting Cuba last year I would love to experience something similar again.

I spoke to the lady on the Canary Island stand and she told me how past residents went to Cuba to earn some money and came back to the island a few years later bringing their new-found wealth. Each year the island holds a carnival called Carnival of Los Indianos. The emigrants who returned from America were known as Indianos and the festival involves people wearing white to show they had wealth and they throw talc on people in the crowd to turn them white too. I love Cuba can not wait to explore La Palma more to find out if it has a Cuban feeling to it.

Find out more about The Canary Islands with Inntravel 

presentations at discovery day 2017

The presentations were so popular standing room only!!

Kings of the Fjords

In this talk Bård Huseby described the hotel he runs with his wife in Fjaerland. It has amazing views of the Fjords where you can go fishing, walking and then back to the hotel for some very local food and wash it all down which some home brewed beer.

I have visited the Fjords on a cruise and it is so beautiful that I would not hesitate heading this way again. I am considering doing the Bustling Cities Fjord trip in 2018. I love train travel and this 7-night trip includes the travel on the famous Flåm line which I am sure will give you the most amazing views of the fjords and will be a totally different experience I had originally from the cruise ship.

It also include Oslo and this has been on my list for some time to visit. I visited Bergen but since I was only there for a couple of hours I would like to return to explore more.

Find out more about Fjords trips with Inntravel 

me kissing a troll a new friend i met in the fjords

My new friend from my last trip to the Fjord

Kate Humble 

The highlight of the day for me was listening to the talk by TV Wildlife presenter Kate Humble. She told us about her experiences of slow travel and it really opened my eyes to this style of travelling and it is something that I am going to consider for 2018.

I had a great time working in collaboration with Inntravel and they have really opened my eyes to slow travel. If you are interested in a walking or cylicing holiday then I would recommend checking out Inntravel for some inspiration. For more information about the Discovery day you can read what fellow travel bloggers thought of the event.

The joy of Slow Travel: walking and cycling holidays from Inntravel

Finding inspiration at the Inntravel Discovery Day

Inspiration for Slow Travel a way to immerce yourself in the experience of travelling and get a true feeling of how local life can be. Slow down and see more.



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  1. I am a huge fan of slow travel Jenni. Fabulous way to experience a place, versus just checking some spot off of your bucket list. We spent 1-2 months in virtually all spots, and sometimes we go up to 6 months. This gives us a chance to make friends and to get a feel for the flavor of a place. Fab message and awesome post.


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