Complaints on the Oriana Cruise Ship

Complaints on the Oriana Cruise Ship

Now the British love nothing more than moaning. Normally when someone finds out that I am a travel blogger they like to give me a list of their complaints. I am not sure why, maybe they think I will be able to fix things but it gives me great content to write about so I just listen.

During a recent trip on the Oriana cruise ship I had to listen to complaints all the time and you can imaging what this was like on a 34 night cruise. These are purely the opinions of other passengers but I thought it would make an interesting article to write.

My top complaints on the Oriana cruise ship

1.      “There is too much water in the swimming pools I am getting too wet”

This did make me laugh I think the lady was trying to say the pools are too deep as they don’t have a shallow end or a deep end but I have quoted what she said and as you can see its quite a ridiculous comment

complaints on the oriana cruise ship

2.      “There’s nothing to do”

When I asked what they would like to do a common reply was “I don’t know but it’s not being offered”. Well if you don’t know how are P&O supposed to know what you want.

3.     It’s raining and it should be hot and sunny it’s the Caribbean. I didn’t pay to come on a cruise in the rain”

OK well I know P&O have control over the cruise itinerary but I don’t think they can control the weather. Look on the positive side it’s just means that you must visit the port again at a later day and experience it in different weather conditions.

4.      “Now common people can come on the standards have dropped”

This was said to me at least 3 times so beware of the snobs on board

5.      I think one of the best had to be one lady who was on my dinner table and moaned about the food every night, moaned about the entertainment moaned about everything but then booked another cruise whilst on board and said would never travel on any other ship – does she just like moaning as she looked truly miserably for the whole journey so why put herself through it again!! – this is why I take all the complaints with a pinch of salt and make my own mind up

 Some (can I call them this) sensible complaints on the Oriana

1.      “The milk jugs don’t pour correctly”

This was quite funny watching in the morning as I don’t have milk in my tea so it didn’t bother me. Watching others trying to pour from the jugs and it going everywhere was hilarious. It became a running joke and would be the topic of conversations on a lot of the breakfast tables I joined. I just don’t understand but the design of the jugs were not good and if they were full the milk didn’t pour right.

2.      “Everyone moans on this ship”

Yes, and your one of them

3.      “The crew are miserable looking”

I must agree with this one. It isn’t all, but most of the crew had miserable faces. It looked as though they just didn’t want to be there. I often saw members of the restaurant team rolling their eyes at passengers, if they asked for something which isn’t appropriate as the requests were not out of order.

4.           “Every time I come on there is a cutback of something”

I am not sure what they are referring too as this is my first time on the Oriana and was spoilt and loved it.

5.     Too hot”

One of the things I don’t like is when the dining areas are too hot. Everywhere else I can deal with as I can just leave. But I can’t enjoy a meal if I am hot and it makes me feel sick. There were a few occasions when the Oriental restaurant was uncomfortably hot and it wasn’t even when we were in hot places. Not that the weather outside should affect the temperature inside anyway.

6.     Too cold”

I did not experience anywhere being too cold, in fact I would have liked most areas to be cooler. But I do think this is general complaint from the older generation, you must feel the cold more the older you get. I personally would just go and put a jumper on. It’s better to be cold than hot in my opinion.

7.      “Ship is moving too much”

Again, not really the fault of P&O. I felt for the size of the ship it didn’t move around that much. Most of the time I didn’t even know we were moving. Obviously, we experienced some high swells which are going to make any ship move but I love it when it’s like that.

complaints on the oriana cruise ship

Sea is pretty calm in this photo although we also experienced some high swells


8.          “The Entertainment team are not very friendly”

A big complaint was the entertainment team and again I agree with this. I felt as though they didn’t interact with passengers in fact after a 34-night cruise I only knew one of their names

9.     Prices of the spa are ridiculous”

I must agree with this one. I understand that there is a captive market but every time I visited the spa (and it was good don’t get me wrong) it seemed empty. I spoke to so many people that mentioned if it was £10 or so cheaper than they would go – surely, it’s better to have customers rather than no one.

10.   “Areas not bring maintained / cleaned”

Windows not being cleaned, other areas not being cleaned, lots of things out of order i.e. sinks, coffee machines. – now this was due to the ship going in for a refurb when we ended our journey but it did make a lot of passengers feel as though the company didn’t care about our experience. I also felt the same I didn’t pay any cheaper than other cruises as it was going in for a refit so wanted to have the same experiences as people had on other cruises and surely one of these is to be able to see out of the windows.

Even after all these complaints though I really enjoyed my cruise, I loved the layout of the Oriana and the facilities that it had on offer and if I see another good deal I will be straight back on this ship. If you are interested in booking a cruise on the Oriana please use this link

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complaints on the oriana cruise ship

20 thoughts on “Complaints on the Oriana Cruise Ship”

  1. I agree with the prices of spa treatment and massages! But some of those complaints are ridiculous. I have a lot of old friends and they tend to complain like this. I think they want to complain, they go to complain and are happy complaining.

  2. hahaha some of these remarks are so funny! I think people feel like they should complain when they have nothing else to think about. I once went on a holiday which was so ridiculous cheap that it couldn’t be all good and all the people did was complain and compare it to holidays 10x the price of this one. What do people expect? I love how you wrote everything down!

  3. I have to admit that when people complain I literally just turn off but some of those complaints that have written made me laugh especially the first one about the pool and then one about the boat moving. Sometimes I wonder what people are actually thinking.

  4. This is an interesting post. Some people can be so whiney! Some of the complaints were valid. If you are working on the ship then you have to be friendly to everyone! Shame, I hope you enjoyed it

  5. People do love to moan don’t they!! I like the one about the weather – wouldn’t it be fab if we could pay for nice weather on holiday?!
    Shame about the moody staff and hot restaurant though.

  6. Some of these complaints are hilarious! I have taken many cruise ships and heard a few of these myself. There are always snobs on board that are bored and I just try to avoid those people. Some of the complaints are valid, many ships are left out to sea too long between refurbs.

  7. These are hilarious. Based on what you’ve said I don’t think I’ll be booking a trip on the Oriana any time soon. Sad staff, sad guests and a sad looking ship? Ah not for me!

  8. 34 days cruise ! Wow I am not sure if could go 34 days on a cruise ship, the longest I have been on was 10 days. There are a lot of people that are only happy when they have something to complain about, I wonder if that women who moaned about the pool having too much water, got back to her cabin and thought about what she said…probably not. I have often wondered about businesses that price them selves out of the market like the spa, charge too much and I agree with you isn’t having more people at a low price better than no one at the higher price?

  9. HAHAHA, the pool one is great, as well as the weather-related ones! I’ve seen so many reviews on TripAdvisor complaining about rain. Like, how is rain ANYONE’S fault? I don’t understand it.

  10. It’s always important to adequately listen to all complaints – and then promptly dismiss the incorrect ones 🙂 I particularly enjoy the pool comment, but thanks for also bringing to my attention some of the small changes the staff could actually make to improve the ship experience!

  11. People can be so picky and easily irritated. Sounds like the passengers are in need of a happiness seminar- ha! I can’t believe you had to listen that for a month’s + time.

  12. How sad that people would spend so much time complaining about everything. As your fellow Brits would say, ‘always look on the bright side of life.’

  13. This made me laugh! I thought French Canadians (from Quebec where I live) were the ones who complained the most but I see they have some stiff competition…lol! I always find it funny (aka disturbing) when people complain about the weather like it can actually be controlled. I once read a hotel review and someone complained about there being too many flies…..outside. Duh.

  14. Loved your post. Some complaints are hilarious and some are justified complaints, like the spa prices. I have never been on a cruise 34 days is a long cruise.

  15. I give you credit for putting up with all that complaining. That ishhh bring me down. I’m glad you found a way to make it funny but the next time I’m on a cruise remind me not to mention I’m a travel blogger. Shishhh. The pool has to much water? Hahahaha. Milk jugs not pouring right…its like a cruel
    Joke…haha. And the lady complaining about cruises while booking another.

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