Fun Finger Foods for a Children’s Party

Fun Finger Foods for a Children’s Party

After all the crap I have gone through this year I am looking forward to reaching my next birthday and I am going to celebrate it with a kiddies style party to make me feel young again. I have been doing some research into what makes great finger food for a kids party. In my youth it was sandwiches crisps and party rings but I think its gone a lot healthier these days although I would still be reaching for the crisps and cakes that the point of a party.

party biscuits

Finger foods, they are great aren’t they! From sophisticated Hors d’oeurvres for the grownups to fun bitesize treats for the kids. When it comes to children’s parties, you want something easy but interesting that’ll keep them happily munching at the table until it’s time to play again.
Not only that! But finger foods create less waste, there’s no need to worry about lots of tableware. You could even host an “eco-friendly” party and skip over the dreaded paper plates and go for some biodegradable options. Consider these fantastic, simple ideas that look brilliant and will be sure to wow the little guests.

Starting with Savory

Ditch the boxed chicken nuggets, in-fact you need not turn the oven on at all! Consider placing popular sandwich fillings in tortilla wraps, rolling up and slicing into “rounds”. Pop a breadstick or toothpick through the roll to keep it tight and serve them up. Perfect for filling little tummies.
Boring sandwiches? No more! Make the sandwiches as normal but cut them into smaller squares (think quarters or smaller!) pop a piece of fruit on the top, stick a cocktail stick through the centre and you’ve got the ultimate “grown-up” sandwich finger food. No mess, less waste, no fuss and the kids will think they are great.
Muffins aren’t just a sweet treat, you can fill them with anything your heart desires! From bacon and eggs to hot-dogs, get inventive or better yet – get the kids involved, baking is great fun and the perfect introduction to cooking.

Love pizza but find it never goes far enough? Rather than reach for the frozen pizza bites, why not try some pizza pinwheels? These cinnamon-roll styled bites are quick to whip up and are much better than the frozen stuff. Give it a go, you can even experiment with your own pizza fillings!

How cool do these sausages wrapped in pastry look I would have so much fun making these but dont think they would turn out anything like this.

savoury party food

Don’t Forget Sweet

Sweets, they are bound to put a smile on anyone’s face. But often, kids can get a bit messy with various chocolates or ice creams. These simple, fast, finger foods will ensure that mess is kept to a minimum while keeping bellies full.

Try some mini pancake stacks, with a small batch of pancake mix you make a whole bunch of these fast and easy. Finish with a piece of fruit, secure together with a cocktail stick and they are ready to go! If you are feeling brave you could bring out the syrup, but the sticky, sweet stuff may be better left to the big kids.
Ice cream doesn’t last long in the summer heat and it’s more likely to end up on the faces of excited young guests. That doesn’t mean they miss out though, why not fill wafer cones with cold fruit, grapes, strawberries, blueberries and slices of apple, it looks great and is a bit healthier too!

Fairy bread is a popular children’s snack in Australia and it’s really simple but looks great! Butter some bread and cover with hundreds and thousands (coloured cake sprinkles) – or go the Netherlands way and cover with chocolate sprinkles instead.

Sticking to the low effort route, fruit sticks are always a party hit, easy to hold, nice to eat and encourages healthy eating. You also don’t need to worry about fruit melting in the sunshine.

sweet party food

If you are short on time or don’t have the budget for getting creative with finger foods, grab a pack of edible stick on eyes instead and let the kids go crazy with their creations. You could even give a prize for the best “food beast” created. Then the kids get to save the day by eating all the monsters!

Combine these fun finger food ideas with some entertaining party games and my party is gonna be brilliant!!

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