Best travel shoes

Best Travel shoes – For Women

It is so important to have the right shoes when you are travelling. I like to travel light so gone are the days that I take a different pair of shoes for each outfit and now I go for shoes that will match more and I generally have a pair of trainers, pair of walking sandals (the ones I have included below are the walking sandals I own and love) and a pair of sandals that I can wear at night and also during the day. I also have the sketchers as I love these shoes they so comfy for walking. Now I have included a extra special pair of shoes at cost £790 now if I had the money I would so love a pair as they are gorgeous but I guess a girl can dream.

I looked at comfortable women’s shoes as its all about the comfort for me as if my feet are hurting I will be miserable and not be able to explore as much as I would like. I also don’t like flip flops with the toe separator (think they are called thong style) as this is where I used to always get a blister and to walk with a blister in between your big toe is very painful so I tend to go for the over the foot style.

If I know I am going in the sea I like to take a pair of water shoes as I hate the feeling of the seabed on my feet as I never know what I am standing on. Also these are great if the seabed is stony as it will protect your feet.


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best travel shoes


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