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Best Burger in the World : 33 travel bloggers tell us their favourite burger

Now anyone who follows me will know I love a juicy burger and always try to have one on my travels. It is quite interesting how this staple dish can taste so different depending which country you are in.

One of my favourite all time burgers was in India and I was surprised at that as it is not what I would associate with Indian Cuisine but realistically you can get a tasty burger anywhere in the world.

But dont just take my world for it as 33 travel bloggers share their favourite burger experience. Be warned this will make you want a burger!!

The Best Burgers in Africa

Dog’s Bollocks in Roodehek Street in Gardens, Cape Town

Jessy Lipperts from Planet Pilgrims

Burgers are BIG in Cape Town. There is a whole range of divine places where you can savour incredible burgers. However, the most memorable burger I ever had in Cape Town was definitely at the Dog’s Bollocks in Roodehek Street in Gardens.

This restaurant is run from a back street garage, you might need a GPS to find it, on a cash-only basis and 50 burgers are available per day so get there early to make sure you don’t miss out on what must be THE biggest burger you will ever have. It is big, bold and beautiful. You could even decide to share a burger and then top it all off with a delicious desert.

If you try to find a link to the restaurant you will just end up on their Facebook page where you can find great reviews!

Ostrich Burger, The Lawns, Kampala

Mario Migliore from Human Italian

When it comes to game meat, my favourite one is ostrich’s. It is very similar to beef meet, if not tastier, and it is perfect for burgers, as it tends not to shrink when you cook it. For people looking for a healthy lifestyle, ostrich is great, as it is very low in fat compared to many other types of meat.

The best place to eat it in Uganda is at Lawns, in the capital Kampala. Just off the busy Acacia Avenue, you can find a small quiet oasis, so distant from the noise of the city’s roads. Service is one of the best in Kampala, and I really suggest you return for a second meal, as all the game meat that they serve is delicious.

The Best Burgers from America

Ground Restaurant in Franklin, Tennessee

Todd Bonner from TREKKN

As we were RVing our way around the US, we got the chance to meet up with a friend of ours we hadn’t seen in 20 years in the Nashville, Tennessee area. She recommended meeting at a burger and baked potato joint called Ground Restaurant in Franklin, Tennessee. And we are so glad she did!

My wife and I both chose Jordan’s Sweet & Smokey BBQ Burger and it was the messiest piece of meaty heaven you can even imagine! Highest quality ingredients across the board but the thick and juicy bacon, crispy onion straws and homemade BBQ sauce on top of tender and flavorful beef just made this one a complete masterpiece. (Cue mouth watering.)

We ate plenty of burgers in our 17 months of RV travel across the US and Canada, but Ground Restaurant gets my vote for the best burger hands down! I want another one…like now.


Peters’ Drive-In, Alberta, Calgary

Matthew G Bailey from Must Do Canada

When visiting a new city, it’s always a good idea to eat somewhere iconic. In Calgary, Alberta, that place is Peters’ Drive-In. Serving Calgary since 1964, this popular drive-in has become one of the best things to do in Calgary, serving some of the best burgers I’ve ever had as well as thick milkshakes, onion rings, french fries, hot dogs, and poutine.

The burgers look a little messy as they certainly don’t skimp on the condiments, but from the moment you bite into that juicy Canadian grade “A” ground chuck, any other burger just won’t be the same. The burgers are fresh and flame-broiled, never frozen and contain no fillers of any kind.

The fresh hamburger buns are also made especially for Peters’ Drive-In using old-fashioned slow-rising sponge dough. On long summer days, the line-ups can be big, but make no mistake, it’s worth the wait.

Wells Brother Bar and Grill, Tallahassee, Florida

Kristal from Adventuredawgs

A good burger is a hard thing to find and when you find a good one, it sticks out in your mind.  Since I drive all over Canada and the United States with my dogs, I am always on the hunt for a good burger since it’s something we can all enjoy.  As soon as I took a bite from the Ad Burger from Wells Brothers Bar and Grill in Tallahassee, Florida, I knew I had found burger heaven. 

The Ad Burger is two slices of toasted sourdough bread slathered with Cajun mayo wrapped around a burger patty topped with black bean mix, lettuce, tomato, pepper jack cheese, and (wait for it) a fried egg!  A side of sweet potato fries is the perfect complement, especially when enjoyed on the dog-friendly patio with a frosty local beer. 

Even with all the toppings, the flavour of the beef is still front and centre.  This was by far one of my favourite burgers of all time and if you’re ever in the area, it is well worth a stop.

adventuredawgs favourite burger

Red Mill Burgers, Seattle, WA USA

Keryn Means, Walking On Travels

Double Bacon Deluxe w/Cheese
Two 1/4 lb. Patties, Pepper Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Pickle, Red Onion, American Cheese, Mill Sauce

One of the best burgers in the world has to be the Double Bacon Deluxe with Cheese from Red Mille Burgers in Seattle, WA in the U.S. While I was pregnant with both of my boys, I had to have one at least once (OK, let’s be honest, it was twice) a week. My oldest son now loves Red Mill Burgers so much that he compares all other burgers he tastes across the globe to this burger. Unfortunately, he does like to tell the owners and employees of the other burger joints how they stack up to his beloved Red Mill, but those who know this famous burger spot appreciate the comparison (when it is favorable).

What makes this burger so good? Well, the burger meet is fresh, but that pepper bacon and Mill sauce is what elevates this burger to perfection. The bacon is always crispy and stacked high on the griddle for quick access as the line can be out the door on Saturday mornings.

This is one of the best hangover spots in Seattle, so stay in line. It moves fast, or go on weekdays when the line isn’t as long. As for the special sauce- well, they aren’t telling, but it’s similar to the Big Mac sauce, except so much better. Add an order of fries and a root beer or one of their seasonal milkshakes and you are good to go. There are a few tables inside and picnic tables outside or you can take orders to go.  

Hukilau Café, Laie, O’ahu, Hawaii

Amber Hill from Hill Tribe Travels

Our last full day on O’ahu saw us drive around the island, with hungry tummies starting to rumble whilst driving through Laie. Luckily for us, Laie, is the home of Hukilau Café which serves the famous Hukilau Burger. The burger is famous for being featured on the TV Show “Man vs Food”.

Hukilau Café is a small hole in the wall type establishment, with only a handful of tables, selling a variety of traditional Hawaiian food. Hidden away in the backstreets, it felt like a real locals hangout rather than for tourists.

Their Hukilau Burger includes a beef patty, fried egg, grilled onions, and a piece of teriyaki beef. It was perfectly cooked, this was the real deal, nothing fancy, just a good wholesome, traditional old school Hawaiian burger. We loved it!

best burger in hawaii

I’m Your Huckleberry Burger, Billings, Montana

Mel from TravelingMel

The Burger Dive in Billings, Montana, USA has an award-winning burger that tastes like Montana. The “I’m Your Huckleberry” burger brought home the “Burger Champion Award” at the World Food Championship in November 2106.

The “I’m Your Huckleberry” burger is a 1/3-pound Angus burger covered with owner Brad’s huckleberry Hatch chili barbecue sauce, bacon, goat cheese, roasted red pepper mayo, and arugula. It’s served on a Grains of Montana bun. 

If it sounds too sweet, don’t worry. The huckleberries are offset by the other ingredients. Even people who don’t think it sounds good, end up loving it. And if you are vegetarian, you can get it with a veggie burger and no bacon.

Rio De Janeiro

Bradley Williams from Dream Big, Travel Far

Without a doubt, the best burger I’ve ever had was in Rio de Janeiro. Or, more specifically, above the famous Sugarloaf Mountain. At the top of the mountain, hidden towards the back is a secret outdoor bar/restaurant. The music and atmosphere is incredible, and the food is out of this world.

My girlfriend and I had a burger that was unbelievably tasty! But what also helped to make this the best burger ever, was the views we had. From atop the mountain, in our cozy recliner seats, we had views that stretched out all across Rio. Better yet, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and the weather was calm and hot. Bliss. Seriously, check out that view …

rio de janeiro burger

Hodad’s, Ocean Beach, San Diego

Ruth from Tanama Tales

I have been to Ocean Beach, the most eccentric neighborhood in San Diego, many times.  On all occasions, I have noticed an insanely long line at the corner of Newport Avenue and Bacon Street.

Turns out dozens of souls wait more than an hour for the opportunity to sit down at Hodad’s, an unassuming joint serving massive burgers loaded with mayo, mustard, onions, ketchup, pickles, tomatoes, and lettuce.  

After my third visit, I couldn’t resist.  I had to find out what all the fuss is about.  While in line, I met people from Arizona, Minnesota and even Mexico.  They did not mind flying or driving to eat at this place!

Finally, it was time to order and I went for the single bacon cheeseburger will all the goodies.  My husband went for the double.  French fries and onion rings were added on the side. 

Wow! I had no idea how to tackle the burger.  After making peace with the notion that things were going to get messy, I took my first bite.  Yes, it was delicious! And, having it sitting next to my love, cool vibes and ocean views made it even better.

So, if you are in San Diego, remember stopping by Hodad’s to try what locals call the “World’s Best Burgers.”

Hodads Burger

Mudtown Station, Grey County, Canada

Ayngelina  from Bacon is Magic

One of the most unique places to eat a burger in Canada on Grey County’s Saints and Sinners Trail, which highlights local beer, wine and cider in the county.

Mudtown Station Brewery is located in a formerly abandoned rail station just a few hours north of Toronto. The decor in the adjoining dining room pays homage to its former purpose, with its original interior donning vintage rail posters.

The menu is diverse but by far the most popular item is the Whip Burger, with Canadian prime beef, old cheddar and a very retro feeling Russian dressing. It is delicious.

mudtown station brewery hamburger

Jalama beach burger, Santa Barbara

Clare Dewey from Epic Roadrides

On a recent trip to Southern California, we cycled down to Jalama beach. It’s a gorgeous sandy beach backed by undeveloped hills not far from Santa Barbara. It’s long been a favourite camping destination and is known for its wind sailing, surfing and fossil hunting potential.

Just behind the beach is the wonderful Jalama Beach Store, a tiny old-fashioned shop selling all manner of camping supplies – as well as the “World Famous Jalama BurgerⓇ”. Of course we had to taste it – and it was delicious!

The burger consists of a meaty patty surrounded by melted cheese and generous quantities of gherkin, tomato, onion and shredded cabbage. It’s also served with fries. We ate our burgers sitting at a wooden bench looking out at the crashing surf. The combination of taste and location made it one of the most memorable burgers I’ve ever had!

Jalama Beach Copyright Epic Road Rides

Coastal Restaurant, Cape Breton Nova Scotia

Susan Moore Solo Trips and Tips

One of the best burgers in the world has got to be the fat burger feast that is the Ringer Burger at Coastal Restaurant in Cape Breton Nova Scotia Canada. Homemade food along with Cape Breton hospitality is what you’ll find at Coastal Restaurant. I stayed down the road at the cutest cottage in Cape Breton and noticed the parking lot crowded with cars so I popped in for dinner and a beer.

What makes the Ringer Burger special besides all the LOVE that goes into home cooking is the thick homemade onion rings and homemade Ringer sauce. And bacon.

Featured on Food Network’s “You Gotta Eat Here!” the Ringer Burger is a lean beef patty with special seasoning and topped with thick homemade onion rings, bacon, melted mozzarella cheese, and topped with homemade Ringer sauce, on a toasted Kaiser bun. Served with home cut fries or more onion rings. You will LOVE it!

You’ll find the Coastal Restaurant along the famous Cabot Trail, Cape Breton Island Nova Scotia.


Kumas Corner, Chicago

Lauren Monitz from The Down Lo

Restaurants in Chicago (USA) are as fickle as the weather with shuttering the inevitable fate of most dining venues. But one that’s managed to stand the test of time? Kuma’s Corner, the oddball heavy metal burger joint that has been going strong since 2005, even expanding to five locations around the Chicagoland area. 

Part of their success can be attributed to the fact that all their food and drinks are sourced from local purveyors (read no Miller Lite here) and proudly offer whiskey on tap. Their juicy burgers have aggressive names like “Black Sabbath,” “Goatsnake,” and “Lair of the Minotaur” but the flavors are bold enough to match. And while the meat is the star of the show, they are equally beloved for their build your own mac and cheese.

Shack Shack, New York

James from Travel Collecting

The first Shake Shack opened in Madison Square Park in New York City, USA. It is indeed a “shack” in the park that serves shakes, burgers, fries and the best soft serve custard ice cream ever. A casual outdoor dining area beside it is strung with lights and makes a very pretty setting in the evening.

There can be long lines, but now that other branches have opened, the lines are shorter than they used to be. So, the burgers? Well, the classic is the ShackBurger – a single or double cheeseburger with the usual tomato-lettuce, but also their delicious special ShackSauce. It’s one of the top New York food crazes you have to try.

The burgers literally melt in your mouth and are totally worth the wait. For vegetarians, their ’Shroom Burgers are also great. What goes best with a burger? Fries, of course – and even better are the cheese fries – crispy fried potato topped with creamy cheesy deliciousness. And to drink? Their shakes are to die for.

The original shake shack

Burgers Beers Bourbons : Connecticut, Virginia

Margie DQ from DQTravels

Plan B burgers are simple, classic and delicious. The restaurant is a local U.S. northeast chain located in Connecticut, Virginia, and Massachusetts.

Their menu is extensive and there are a number of unique burger varieties; however, their best burgers are actually the 3 mini cheeseburger tower sliders. The meat used is freshly ground from grass-fed local beef. The buns are soft, buttery and fresh. The cheese is a thin layer of local Vermont cheddar.

There is no sauce used on these little burgers – just plain perfection. All items come with house-made pickles and are great when washed down with a local craft beer. While there are many great burgers around the world, these sliders are an American classic

plan b burger

The Billy Goat Tavern : Chicago

Jacqui From Four Packs Travel

If you’re heading to Chicago, you can’t skip The Billy Goat Tavern, and their famous Cheezborger. Traditionally the burger is served without pickles and tomatoes, on a Kaiser bun that is baked fresh daily, with kosher dill pickles, and 100% fresh beef.

Legend has it that William Sianis, the owner, got his nickname because a goat fell off the back of a truck and entered the tavern.  He adopted the goat, grew a goatee, and changed the name of the tavern to Billy Goat Tavern, thus forevermore becoming William ‘’Billy Goat” Sianis. 

As his tavern was opposite the Chicago Stadium (now United Center). William tried to take his goat to a Cubs game, as he thought it would bring them luck in the 1945 World Series.

The goat was denied entry into the stadium.  William and the goat were said to be so upset about it, that William cursed the Cubs and was quoted saying, “The Cubs ain’t gonna win no more. The Cubs will never win a World Series so long as the goat is not allowed in Wrigley Field.”  The Cubs continued on a losing streak for 71 years, until finally on November 2, 2016, the curse was broken!  

The legend of the curse, however, has remained a talking point, and you can still visit the Billy Goat Tavern, and enjoy a famous Cheezborger.

the billy goat tavern in chicago

Primanti Bros, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Jana from Mommy’s Little World

The absolute best burger I’ve ever had was definitely at Primanti Bros. in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. They have a few different locations, I’ve been at the one in downtown Pittsburgh. Sitting outside on their patio while enjoying one of their burgers is the best! Their sandwiches have fries in them, the meat is tender and juicy, and their portions are humongous!

Go there during the football season and you will experience the amazing spirit of Pittsburgh. Everyone – and I mean EVERYONE – roots for Steelers. There happened to be a football game when we went there. Steelers were playing. The whole place was packed, but the service was still super fast and friendly. I’m hungry already!

The Best Burgers from Asia

The MOS Rice Burger Yakiniku from Japan

Mary Chong from Calculated Traveller

MOS Burger is an Asian chain of fast food restaurants found throughout Asia and Australia. The Yakiniku is the most popular burger on the MOS Burger menu and is nothing like what you would typically find in a regular burger.

The meat isn’t a patty of ground beef but instead is comprised of strips of grilled sweet and salty marinated steak. The bun isn’t bread at all but instead is a mixture of rice, barley and millet. It’s a bit of a messy dining experience, but it’s a delicious one that you’ll never forget.


Yankees Burger, Mullae Town, Seoul, South Korea

Marie from Be Marie Korea

Located in the Mullae mural village, is Yankees Burger. The best burger shop in town! Mullae is a non touristic art village, the area is filled with metal workshops and factories giving it a very industrial feeling. The government invited many artist to create mural paintings, sculptures and installations in the area. Small bar and restaurants opened in the area, attracting mainly local visitors. Yankees Burger is one the restaurants which opened in the area and became instantly famous for its yummy food. 

The best burger on the short menu is the Mullae Burger 2, for a reasonable price of 7 dollar. Other dishes on the menu are pizzas, pasta and wings. The interior has a very industrial feel to it as every wall is covered with graffiti and old posters. 

As this restaurant became instantly famous, it opened a second branch in central Seoul, but this one is not as good as the original burger shop. 

best burger in south korea

The Best Burgers from Europe

“Holesterol” Burger from Stari Pisker in Celje, Slovenia

Sarah and Kris from Jetsetting Fools

We have taste-tested burgers around the world – not only because we crave them, but because we love to see the unique twists other cultures add to the common burger. Of all the delicious burgers we have eaten, the absolute best was the “Holesterol” Burger from Stari Pisker in Celje, Slovenia.

The heart-stopping burger comes with a juicy patty that is grilled to perfection over hot coals. However, it’s the toppings that take this burger from incredible to exceptional.

The burger is decorated with a tantalizing combination of thick-cut bacon, gooey gorgonzola, onion marmalade and a horseradish mayonnaise. Stari Pisker restaurant is a chop house that is dedicated to serving excellent cuts of meat, but we actually tried this burger at the Ljubljana Pivo and Burger Fest. The festival celebrates all things Burger and Beer and is a fantastic opportunity to try multiple burgers in one location!

Holesterol Burger, Slovenia,

Osho, Bucharest : Bulevardul Primăverii, 19-21.

Emily Tarrier from London City Calling

Osho is a beautiful steak restaurant in Bucharest known for serving some of the best cuts of steak in the city. But what most people don’t realise is that they also serve the most delicious and well-presented burgers in Romania’s capital.

Juicy meat patty’s come loaded inside insta-worthy red and black buns, and are served with a large portion of fries, salad, gherkins, coleslaw, onions and extremely tasty Osho mayo. Don’t miss the Royal Osho burger with bacon and halloumi!’


Pigsty, Bristol, UK

Jennifer Dombrowski & Tim Davis from Luxadventuretraveler

Pork lovers rejoice! Pigsty, located in Bristol, England, is a family-run restaurant that specializes in all things pork. It’s open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but it’s their “Pig Mac” that still leaves Jennifer of Luxe Adventure Traveler drooling just at the thought of it. She recommends going for lunch or dinner when the Pig Mac is clearly the star at Pigsty.

It’s a seasoned pork “burger” patty topped with slow roasted BBQ pulled pork and bacon. Even the bun is slathered with a bacon mayonnaise. Seriously indulgent, you have to try it at least once. But don’t worry – Bristol has tons of attractions and things to see and do so you can easily work off all the oh-so-worth-it calories from the Pig Mac.


Monsieur, Paris

Elisa from  World in Paris

Monsieur, is not only one of the best Parisian bistros, with great traditional French food and local atmosphere, it is the place to eat the best burgers in Paris! What makes Monsieur’s burgers so special? The meat is of top quality, coming from small producers located in the surroundings of Paris.

The short supply chain is very important because the meat is always fresh and good. The meat comes with home-made bread nice baked, excellent French fries and fresh salad. If you add to this perfect combination a glass of their proposed (and always good) wines, then it’s heaven.

Monsieur is a place with a lot of character, the kind of place where we like to take our time. Its plentiful dishes come with an excellent selection of music so a meal at Monsieur is a feast for the eyes, taste buds, and ears.


Pulled Pork Burgers from Smokey Mountain, Bansko, Bulgaria

Sarah from A Social Nomad

The best-pulled pork burgers that I’ve ever tasted come from a slightly strange combination. Found in the heart of the ski town of Bansko, Bulgaria is the pub and restaurant, Smokey Mountain. So named because the Scottish couple who own it specializes in smoking their ribs, bacon and burgers. You’ll mainly find this open in the ski season, but summer season in Bansko is also popular, so this is a year-round thing.

While I could wax lyrical about how they also do the best chicken wings in the world ever, I’ll focus on the burgers. Scott’s pulled pork burger will have you salivating for hours. Melt in the mouth amazing flavours – smoky, Moorish and seriously tasty. Your only issue will be why you can’t manage two of them!

Smokey Mountain is popular with expats of all nationalities and has a steady stream of local customers too – so get your next best-pulled pork fix here in Bansko!

Pulled Pork burger

Baz Burgers, Zadar, Croatia

SJ from Chasing the Donkey

This tiny restaurant has just a few seats inside, so I’d recommend you settle in at the outdoor patio well before the lunch hour rush – and order the homemade lemonade to cool you off while you wait for your de-lish burger to arrive.

The burgers at Bez Burger are huge, so we usually get 2 burgers and a portion of sweet potato fries and regular fries for the three of us. My favourite is the cheeseburger which comes with lettuce, cheddar cheese, and pickles with a lashing of Bez Burger’s homemade sauce. 

The Best Burgers from Oceania

Bettys Burgers & Concrete Co, Noosa, Queensland 

Karen Bleakley Smart Steps to Australia

If you’re looking for a classic burger shack by the beach with a boutique twist, get yourself to Betty’ Burgers & Concrete Co. on Noosa’s exclusive Hastings Street in Queensland, Australia. The juicy, hand-shaped patties are made with grain-fed angus beef and are served with generous helpings of fresh, crispy salad.

There is always a healthy queue of customers waiting patiently outside for seats, so get there early. The restaurants are now expanding around Australia, but the Noosa branch was the first to open its doors and is still the most iconic.

Don’t forget to follow with their house-made concrete (frozen custard) with your choice of flavour (honeycomb and salted caramel are my favourite!)

Bettys burgers

The White Lady, Auckland, New Zealand

Helen Foster from Differentville

Six years I lived in Auckland, six years when I missed out being able to just nip into town and get one of the best burgers I’ve ever tasted because I had no idea how good it was!

You can’t really blame me – on the face of it, The White Lady doesn’t look like somewhere to get a meal to remember. She’s basically a big white van. Ah, a food truck you say – but the White Lady has been serving burgers since 1948 so before well food trucks existed. She is a burger van.

Fast forward to last year on a trip back to Auckland, and my first ever White Lady burger. It was amazing. The burger was cooked to perfection with those frilly edges that show it hasn’t come out of a packet. The bun was fresh, the lettuce was fresher and it cost only $11 – a bargain in a city where food is pricey. My partner had another one as soon as he’d scarfed down the first.

Find her at the corner of Fort and Commons Street in Central Auckland. 7pm-4am – 24 hours at weekends.

Coldstream Brewery, Yarra Valley, Australia

Sharyn McCullum from Live Work Play Travel 

The Yarra Valley in Australia is a world-renowned wine region. It is also home to the Coldstream Brewery.

The Coldstream Brewery was started by a couple ofguys who had a dream to brew beer. They immortalised their dream with the Shivering Man or the naked dude that takes pride of place on their bottles and on the roof of the brewery. Their website says he represents taking a plunge and baring it all to do something they love. I think many of us can relate to that.

I have been to the brewery many times and I often order the Brewery Beef Burger. It is 150g of ground beef served with roasted garlic aioli, lettuce, tomato, bacon, cheese sauce, caramelised onion and fried egg in a bun. It is served with fries. All this can be washed down with a cold Coldstream beer.

Other burgers are available: the pulled pork burger, southern fried chicken burger and the veggie. But you cannot beat the Brewery Beef Burger.

Kafe Kaos, Lorne, Australia

Jane Barnes from Explore the Great Ocean Road

Kafe Kaos in the township of Lorne along the famous Great Ocean Road in Australia has been established for at least 20 years and their Thai Tofu Burgers have been one of my all-time favourites for almost the same length of time. in a past life, when driving small bus backpacker tours along the coast on overnight trips to see the 12 Apostles, a lunchtime stop in at Kafe Kaos for a Tofu Burger was always on my own itinerary.

The burgers have grilled, marinated tofu, peanut butter, salad and all sorts in them and they are huge too. If you are ever exploring the Great Ocean Road, stop in Lorne and try one for yourself.

Kafe kaos burger

The Oak Café, Mudgeraba, Gold Coast, Australia

Shannon Crozier from The Schooled Parent

We live on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia and every Sunday morning we do our groceries and then head to the Oak Café for the best breakfast burger my husband has ever tasted. He should know as he is a self-proclaimed expert on any burger that combines his favourite foods – bacon and eggs.

In fact, I am pretty sure he only helps with the groceries so he can have the Oak’s Tuscan Roll as a reward. Imagine bacon, egg, a handful of fresh rocket and homemade relish on a fresh ciabatta roll and you have a winning burger. He says the homemade relish makes it. I think the fact that it is only $10 and keeps him happy makes it too!

gold coast burger

Fergburger, Queenstown, New Zealand.

Susan Gan from Snap Travel Blog

If a never-ending queue of people snaking their way down the road is anything to go by, then Fergburger in Queenstown is the most popular burger in New Zealand.

The first day we saw the queue we were so daunted that we nearly walked away. We then decided if that many people were happy to queue for a burger then they must be pretty good and we had to give it a go. An hour later we made our way to the front of the queue to place our order and twenty minutes after that we were taking our first bite.

The burgers were well constructed and tasted amazing. They were made using fresh ingredients and had delicious tasting sauces that were lightly applied so that the burger never became sloppy.

Day two we learnt from our previous rookie mistake and arrived before the lunchtime rush; there was still a crowd but not as bad. By day three we were experts!

When you start talking about flying overseas so you can eat one more Fergburger, you know they are good.


2nd Favourite from Fergburger in Queenstown, New Zealand

Kirralee from Escape with Kids

Fergburger dwells in Queenstown, New Zealand. Home to stunning mountain scenery and pretty much every adventure sport known to man. Bungee jumping and paragliding are particularly huge here. After all that adrenalin-pumping action, Fergburger is the most popular place in town to get a burger-flavoured energy boost.

This burger joint is a personality-packed, license to print money. It is open 21 hours a day every day and I never saw it without a queue out the door and around the corner. Its popularity is off-the-chart, but their burgers are so worth it.

Stick with the original “The Fergburger”, or live on the wild side and try “Cockadoodle Oink” for a chicken, bacon and avocado combo or “Chief Wiggum” for slow-roasted pork belly and hash brown. Creative and delicious!

If you don’t have time to stand in the queue, their domination of Queenstown food continues next door with their Bakery (try the venison & portobello mushroom pie), great coffee and Gelateria (the Hokey Pokey flavour is divine!).

best burger in queensland

Thanks to all these amazing travel bloggers sharing where they had their best burger it definitely made me hungry writing this list and I am going to see how many burgers I can try on my travels this year.

Do you have a burger that you think needs to go on this list of best burgers around the world if you do get in contact.

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  1. Awesome post! The only burger here we’ve had is Shake Shack and it was good! Saving this because we’re headed to San Diego this summer so we’ll try that one too!

  2. I love a good burger! The best I’ve ever had is from a small diner in my tiny Kentucky hometown. Their signature burger is called a “country boy” which is served with their homemade coleslaw on the burger. I’ve never found a burger quite as good!

  3. Holy moly what an awesome list. I noted this for my many travel foodies. I’m in the process of completely no meat. ( ovo-pescatrian) however this is so memorable of a post!

  4. All of the burgers look delicious! Although I don’t eat meat, I appreciate a good vegetarian and fish/shrimp burger. I can vouch for the delicious burgers at Fergburger in Queenstown, New Zealand. I had the fish burger and loved the crispiness of the patty and the flavors. Well worth the wait in line.

  5. I love this post, being a burger connoisseur myself! And I love the idea that you gathered all of this information and posted it for us to drool over! My favorite burger ever was The Hangover Burger at Captain Mulligans in Tortola. Nothing fancy here, but the Burger was the best, it had a fried egg and a beet on it!

  6. I was just in Queenstown so I can attest to how crazed people get for Fergberger. Honestly though I think a normal burger is better. In Toronto we have Burger Priest and The Works that make amazing burgers. In Halifax, where I went to school, they have Darrels that does a peanut butter burger. They also do a Burger Week every year.

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