Air Arabia review


Air Arabia review

I had never even heard of Air Arabia until I started researching my trip to Morocco. It was slightly cheaper than other airlines, but it was a better flight time that persuaded me to choose to fly home from Morocco with them I booked it via Expedia, and I found that this was the cheapest option avaialbe at the time of my trip.

When I booked the flight, I got confirmation but nothing else. I wasn’t sure of the check-in process as no information was provided in the confirmation or on the website. I went directly to the airline website and you can not check in for Marrakesh airport online. I sent an email asking how I was to check in, but I never got a reply.

It turns out you just hand over your passport at the airport no online check in required and no boarding pass or ticket print out required. Now I know this I would probably fly short haul with them again if the price was right, but this did stress me out at the time.

There was then confusion over the flight time home due to the clocks changing. It turned out that this year in Morocco clocks were not changed for the first time and even though my ticket said 4.20pm we didn’t actually fly until 5.20pm but that is OK at least I arrived at the airport 1 hour early rather than 1 hour late.

Marrakesh airport is a bit of a nightmare it is quite hectic and I am not sure if this was the airport of the airline but the check in desks were showing on the screen as one number and then they suddenly changed at the time of check in luckily it was nearby where I was sat since I was there an hour early I had to wait 1 hour before I could check in as you can not check in more than 2 hours before flight.

Since the check in desk number changed there was a lot of commotion people shoving and pushing to get into the correct queue then the check in desk changed again just as it was my turn to check in. However, I had already handed my passport to the lady and then she said oh no the desk has now changed but that would have meant I would be  at the back of a very long line so I said you have my passport now so can you please check me in. She gave me a very horrible look and had quite an attitude, but she did check me in.

Her attitude actually got worse, so they are not the best airline for customer service. I asked for assistance. I know I should have booked this when I booked my flight, but I was in a lot of pain and I was using a walking stick and I didn’t realise how long the queues were at Marrakech airport. I had never had assistance before this and now I know the rules I can plan for future trips.

She said I had to pay for assistance. I explained I am registered disabled and I am in a lot of pain and need some help. She said that is not her problem and that I needed to pay. I was so shocked at this, luckily her manager was stood behind and said that I did not need to pay and pointed at my walking stick. She huffed, took my card back and told me to wait over by some seats. I saw some wheelchairs so went and waited by them. After a long wait I started to worry I was going to miss my flight and the lady kept looking at me but said nothing. I queried and she said someone was coming. After 45 minutes someone did come to take me through, and I didn’t miss my flight, but it was getting stressful.

Now I am aware of the process I will be OK for next time I fly and will not panic over being left as I am sure they would not let me miss my flight.

Boarding was about 35 minutes delayed.

on board air arabia

The seat pitch on the plane is one of the smallest I have experienced it feels smaller than other budget airlines such as EasyJet and Ryanair. Luckily it was not a full flight and the middle seat was vacant in the row of three, so I didn’t feel too squashed in.

air arabia seat pitch

The seats in general are uncomfortable but the aircraft was clean. I didn’t interact with any crew as they seemed to serve drinks once and then I didn’t see them again until landing.

The magazines were not in English. They do serve drinks but as the information was not in English and no pictures, I am not sure what they sell or the prices.

There are tv screens showing the flight route but it’s in Arabic so I didn’t have a clue where we were, but I wasn’t flying the plane, so it didn’t really matter.

air arabia flight screen

I would fly with them again if the price was low and it was a short flight no longer than 4 hours as the space is too cramped. I was uncomfortable but luckily it was only a 3-hour flight and I can sleep anywhere so just went to sleep.

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AirArabia Review

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