Adapting my Bathroom into a Wet Room

Adapting my Bathroom into a Wet Room

I used to love a bath, relaxing on a weekday night with a good book, Sundays were also bath time to get ready for school (yes I am going back many years) and work. But as life gets more busy the shower took over as people just don’t have the time to have a bath every day and also it is such a lot of water to use. However I have had to think seriously about getting rid of my bath and now I think the time is right.

Since cancer treatment the first time, I found it difficult to get in and out of the bath as I have no strength in my arms. When my cancer came back and I had to go through chemotherapy again I now have problems getting into the bath to have a shower as my shower is one of those over the bath. The strength in my legs vary from day to day and some days I can not lift them high enough to get into the bath and also I have tripped a few times getting out so it is scaring me that I wont have a shower whilst I am in the house on my own in case I get stuck.

wetroom adaption

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So after months of thinking about it we have decided to get the bathroom adapted into a wet room. If you need to get your bathroom adapted due to a disability you might be able to get help from your local council even if you own your house so check this out. Also since if it is a disabled required you will not have to pay VAT on the adaption so also bear this in mind. But it can still be pricy so we have done lots of research.

I dont want the wet room to look like a hospital as that would just stop me from wanting to use it. I also don’t want it to feel like a disabled room but there are lots of accessories you can get to make the wet room look fancy and also relaxing. To get some ideas of what a wet room can look like¬†click here


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My mum also has a chronic illness that affects her bathing so we have to design the new room so it meets our needs. We have had it assessed by a occupational therapist who has given us some advice. We have also had a builder come round who also offered some advice on what would work well.

Our bathroom is downstairs and it is very small so we also have to think of this when designing, I think the removal of the bath is going to make a huge difference and make the room feel so much bigger.

We have decided on a shower with a folding seat, a higher toilet and a small sink. We have a cupboard which will also be removed giving us more space but then we need to think of storage solutions for the bathroom to put our toiletries and towels and a cool new radiator. We are not having a shower curtain which was advised because we don’t like them they always seem to stick to me and so we have gone against advise and will be getting a plastic glass look partition but everything else is fully adapted to be suitable for anyone will disabilities incase we happen to get worse.

Our next job is to choose the tiles and the flooring, at the moment we have some lovely tiles on the floor which I am gutted are going to be removed as I love them. We also originally wanted underfloor heating but since the floor we are having is made from some sort of plastic this is not possible. It sounds horrible and at first I imagined it to look like lino but we have been to look at some bathrooms that have been adapted and it actually looks nice and I was surprised at how many different colours it is available in so as long as we don’t get blue like my GP surgery I will be happy.

The work will begin in the new year so I will update you with our finished product and how I actually feel about no longer having a bath.


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