Secret life of Bees Book review

Secret life of Bees

This week Rebecca from Travel Write Change tell us about her favourite read

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“I love this intriguing story about Lily who runs away from her unhappy home with her carer, Rosaleen, after Rosaleen is beaten up when she attempts to register to vote. They follow the trail of Lily’s mother who died in mysterious circumstances when she was four. Rosaleen and Lily, who is now fourteen, find sanctuary at a bee keeping farm where they live with three sisters. This moving story hooked me in from the beginning. It is told through Lily’s eyes and has a mixture of warmth, sadness and humour as Lily reveals the mystery around her mother’s death and the era she lives in.”

Thanks for sharing this read Rebecca, I must admit that I haven’t read this book but I have watched the film and it is very moving. I will add this to my list of books to read.

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Rebecca is from Bristol has a travel and lifestyle blog Travel Write Change

“I facilitate an annual writing retreats in Spain and love to write about living in Spain through stories that give you little slices of life and culture. If it means I get to eat something good and tell you about it too, I’m all for it. I’m especially fond of Andalusia although you might find some posts on this blog about Bristol as it’s such a great place to visit. I’m likely to talk about independent places to eat and organic, locally grown food and products as that’s one of my favourite topics”

Have you read a good book, get in touch and share it with me and I will add it to my list of books to read on my next trip.


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