January round up – Shopping, trolls and chocolate biscuits

This month has definitely had its ups and downs. I have been home for January preparing for my up coming trips in 2017 and working hard on my website, trying to get some content up and its is definitely starting to pay off. I completed a diploma in digital marketing and I really feel as though things are starting to make sense now. I been on some great blogging events where I got to eat some wonderful food in Bristol but I still feel a bit down. I am not sure if its the winter blues, although I am definitely ready to go on another trip or if its just my hormones but I feel weepy and lethargic as though I don’t want to do anything and just hibernate. It isn’t even that cold considering its winter but when I hear the wind blowing and the rain falling I am glad to be under my blanket all cosy in my living room.

sent with loveIt could also be due to it being World Cancer Day  and all these memories are resurfacing not that they go away. But seeing it even more on TV and social media there is no escape although it is great that it raises awareness.  Since it is a bit of a emotional week I just wanted to do a shout out for one of my good friends who set up a great company Sent with Love that supplies handcrafted blankets to cancer patients in the UK. So if you know someone that is going through this shitty disease you can nominate them to receive one of these lovely blankets.

trollI was starting to feel positive as I was getting some good opportunities through my blog and then I get a kick in the teeth by being on the end of some trolling. I innocently asked in a group of cruising fans what they would like to see as I am doing a feature of my next cruise and this guy started criticising me personally saying I must not be a very good blogger if I had to ask people what they wanted to see. He then went on my website and pulled it apart by coming back to the forum highlighting all my mistakes. I was so upset I had to have a bottle of prosecco to cheer myself up. It was also on the same day that Jessops decided to tell me they were not going to fix my camera which had a spring come out of the battery door and then caused it to break off telling me it was accidental damage and therefore not covered by warranty. But after only using it a few times and this happening I am very frustrated and will never ever buy a camera from this company again. However it gave me great insight to write a article on consumer rights which will be coming soon.


I am supposed to being frugal and saving up for my travels but to try and cheer myself up I did a bit of online shopping. Its therapy so it is allowed. I must admit that I love buying things from Amazon especially when they come the next day.


I did a online food shop from Tesco’s, obviously, I won’t bore you will all the delights I bought but I just wanted to say what excellent customer service you get from these guys. It’s the 2nd time I have used them for an online monthly shop and all the products were in a good date range, nothing broken and the drivers are friendly. This time I had a very bubbly welsh dude who was impressed by my 4 boxes of tea bags (well they were on offer) as he likes to have two pints of tea before his shift. Bit worrying being in a van all day, hope he is allowed pee stops. So, after a day of complaining about an issue I had with Jessops which you can read more about soon (or just ignore my moaning) I wanted to do a good deed and contacted Tesco’s to compliment this driver. I hope he gets a biscuit to go with his cup of tea. We also got a little Thank You card for shopping with them which was a nice touch.

New Phone

I upgraded my phone to a Samsung 7 and I absolutely love the camera. I am having a few issues with the other functions as I have been on an apple phone for a while but I am sure I will get to grips with it soon. But technically I didn’t upgrade as I have such a good deal with 3 for my monthly contract it worked out cheaper in the long term to purchase the phone and then keep to the same contract. I cannot say on here how much as my mum may be reading it and I have told her it was cheap.

So now I have my new phone which is great and a broken camera which isn’t but I have decided I love the camera on the Samsung that I am going to try and just use that so I cut down on equipment I take with me on my trips. Therefore, I have bought a few accessories.

Note : Contains affiliate links. These are products that I have bought myself and would recommend. If you purchase via clicking on these links it does not cost you any more.


I cannot wait to get to use these lenses on my trip to Vietnam. I am very much a point and shoot sort of photographer so I might find having to change the lenses a bit frustrating but I will let you know how I get on. I love the 12 times zoom. In the example it shows you can take detailed pictures of the moon. But when I try to take a picture of the moon its not quite like the picture, well it is a cloudy night and I have to keep waiting for them to move out of the way before I can even see the moon but I think I need a bit of practice.

CaseScreen Protector

I got these two as I am so scared of breaking this phone or any damage happening to it again after the appalling treatment I have had from the company that I bought my camera from. So, this is to protect my new phone. I went for a clear cover because I really like the pink of the phone but there are so many cases out there to choose and im sure when im in Asia I will pick a few different ones up.

Portable Tripod

I saw this tripod and thought it would be great for when I go on my next cruise as i want to interview some of the passengers and thought this might be less invasive than me holding a phone in their face filming them.

Memory Card

One of the things I love about the Samsung 7 is you can add extra memory. I only got a 32GB due to my budget but you can get 64GB and 128GB.

I am loving all these gadgets and if there is anything else you recommend to go with my Samsung 7 then please let me know in the comments below.

And yes some of my headings are not formatting properly. I have tried changing the coding but this is something I am going to have to learn about in February as my brain has absorbed enough this month.

But to finish off on a positive note have you tried the mint Oreos oh my god they are delicious, perfect after a crappy month but then when I am having a good month I am not going to say no either.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I may be compensated for clicks and/or purchases. It will however not affect the price of your transaction in anyway. It is how us travel bloggers earn some pennies. If you would like some more information please see my Disclaimers page. My go to place for most of the things I purchase online is Amazon and I am proud to be a Amazon Affiliate.


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