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Getting to know a travel blogger

Tara Lets Anywhere

Katherine is a Filipina travel blogger who writes for Tara Lets Anywhere (literally, “let’s go anywhere”). She goes into backpacking adventures with her boyfriend, Hali. She prefers tropical beaches and off-the-beaten destinations.

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getting to know a travel blogger

1. What got you into blogging and how long ago was this?

I have been blogging since I was in high school, but I wasn’t fully committed to it until I started a travel blog at the end of 2015. It started with a joke, actually. I have a background as a writer and copy editor and my partner does professional photography and videography, so we talked about starting our own blog. I re-familiarized myself with WordPress and when we published our blog, family and friends were very supportive. We got so much praises and a brand that works with international bloggers even said it’s one of the best Filipino blogs currently. We were inspired to continue from the start. Oh plus, it’s really fun.

2. Fav destination and why?

My favourite would be Coron in Palawan, in the Philippines. I’d been to Palawan at least thrice since it’s the “premier” destination in the country, but I wasn’t blown away until I’d been to Coron. This was a solo travel and meant only as a means to unwind from stress on my full-time job. As I tell friends, Coron is a perfect mix of urban and rural living. The nature attractions are beautiful and preserved, but they are also accessible to tourists and have not undergone the unfortunate over-commercialization of some tourist attractions.

There are a lot of things to do in Coron – visiting lagoons and lakes, snorkeling, diving, dipping in its natural hot springs. Even those who want a laid-back vacation will still enjoy sightseeing this place.

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3. Blogging tip

Write what your heart tells you. I know that listicles and travel guides are the ones that sell, but you must always give space to write what you really want.

This is something that I knew from the start but didn’t act on until after I feel confused and torn about where we were heading in terms of content. A friend reminded me to always follow what my heart wants, so now I’m starting to write more thoughtful articles instead of the usual informational pieces.

4. Dream trip

Santorini in Greece, of course. I feel like it’s everybody’s dream trip. I also have few items in my bucket list, including Bali in Indonesia, Morocco and New Zealand.

5. Pet peeve about travelling

Having to join people – millennials mostly – who claim to love traveling and backpacking but are only there to take pictures for Facebook. I mean, I don’t mind if it’s their style, but it’s different when it’s group travel. I was once on a group trip that took a painstaking 20 hours of travel by land and sea, and when we got to the island it was apparent our companions weren’t really interested in exploring the place but only in taking pictures and then drinking their selves away. At one point, we were supposed to go island hopping and most of them were still lying on the beach sand, hungover, including our organizer. Like I said, I don’t mind if that’s the way they want to travel, but I prefer to be alone or with people whom I am compatible with.

6. Favourite travel blogger

Oneika the Traveller. She seems to balance everything, from writing travel guides to pieces that really speak to her audience. She sounds like a real person, which isn’t that common nowadays in travel blogging. She’s also very talented, freelancing in various websites and appearing in television, and inspirational.

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Getting to know a travel blogger


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