Bristol Street Art Tour

Bristol Street Art tour

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I am not really into art, I like some of it but I don’t really understand it, I just like what I do because it appeals to me. When you see some painting that are worth £1000’s I am like why? That’s crap, I just don’t get it.

But I have been educated and I am quite surprised that I have taken a liking to it. Maybe I was looking at the wrong sort of art but after being on a street art tour of Bristol, I am really in to it and want to explore more.

The Bristol Bloggers group that I belong to were invited onto the tour by Tina from wherethewall. The tours are held daily and last about 2 hours for more details or to book.  I wanted to go on this tour as when I am travelling and mention I am from Bristol people often comment how cool our street art is. I must walk around with my eyes closed as I hadn’t really paid much attention to it

The tour meets on college green by the fountains which is a great starting point as Tina explains how Banksy painted in the fountain, being a bit of a rebel as these are important council buildings. The painting unfortunately didn’t last very long but was named pull the plug and was a message to the councillors.

Banksy is famous worldwide now and his identity is still unknown. I think that is why he is so popular and if he was to be revealed it would ruin the suspense. It would also would make it a bit difficult for him to put his art up as people would be hounding him.

Then it is over the road to the most iconic piece of street art in Bristol, The Well Hung Lover. What is great about this tour is Tina tells the story of the creation of the art. I am not going to ruin it for people, you need to go on the tour but it really brought it to life for me and I think that’s why I have now found a new passion. Banksy uses stencils he prepares it all in his secret hiding place and then comes out and can get the art up quickly with the stencils and off he goes before anyone catches him.

banksy bristol street tour banksy

If you are interested in Banksy and would like to find out more about his art work I recommend this book you can buy it here.

Apart from one set of stairs we had to get down, the rest of the tour was nicely paced and flat so even though we must have walked a couple of miles it didn’t feel like it as we kept stopping to look at the art.

Next was a different type of street art this was done freehand with spray cans whereas Banksy is a stencil artist. This is done by Cheo, he uses a bee logo and I have actually seen these before around Bristol and now I can identify that it’s his work.

Bristol street art tour cheo

Below is my favourite piece it is called The Big Deal by JPS an artist from Weston super mare. To look at it you would think it’s a Banksy as he uses similar techniques. I’ve looked at JPS Instagram account and he has done some great pieces I will definitely keep an eye out for him in the future.

Bristol street art tour JPS

And then just around the corner he has come back and done a Spartacus stencil. Is this ironic as it is on the side of a lesbian club ? but they seem to love it and people are often seen having their picture taken with him at night.

Bristol street art tour JPS Artist

The modern Madonna a mother and baby by El Mac is based on his actual girlfriend and her baby. This is a totally different type of art as it looks as though it’s made up of swirly patterns. It is huge on the side of a block of flats. His technique is to cool his spray can with ice so the flow is slower and that is how he can get so much detail.

Bristol street art tour El Mac

The tour finishes at the Canteen which is a café in stokes croft where you can get a refreshing drink or the food looked amazing especially the roast dinner as it was a Sunday but I just had a beer. And the last piece of art is another Banksy Mild Mild West which again is quite iconic for Bristol.

Bristol street art tour mild mild west

If you would like more details of these tours which I highly recommend, check out this website.

I made a video of all the street Art I saw that I saw on UTube.

If you like this post please share and pin for future reference. Have you been on a street art tour I would love to hear about it, please comment below.

Bristol street art tour


11 thoughts on “Bristol Street Art Tour”

  1. I love street art and would totally dig this tour. Once you know a little bit of the background, the art really comes alive and you start noticing it everywhere. Since we’ve been traveling through Europe, I’ve taken special note of the street art in different cities. It feels like a little treasure hunt when you find it.

  2. That is some amazingly detailed street art! I’m like you, I feel that I don’t really appreciate art like most and don’t understand the high prices on a lot of the pieces. But street art I feel is different. It’s so much harder to have brick and concrete as your canvas!

  3. I love street art so much, and Banksy has to be the king of street art surely!? I’m totally with you on not getting how much people love art. Some I can appreciate but most I don’t understand. Street art might be the exception though! I’d love to come to Bristol and do a street art tour, it looks awesome.

  4. I know what you mean about having an appreciation (or lack of for art.) When I was in London I visited the Tate Modern and will admit I admired the random street art I came across much more. I wish I had taken a tour of the art and I might have even had a greater appreciation for it if I had learned things like how Bansky would set it up for the quick getaway to keep from getting caught.

  5. Bristol is a city I could visit very easily but have never considered! I first heard of Banksy and his art in Bethlehem, a lot of his artwork is there and also a lot of shops in his name. Hearing of the street art culture in Bristol and the fact there is some Banksy art there may have persuaded me to visit!

  6. I have seen quite a few of Banksy’s street arts on Instagram. They are all thought-provoking and convey meaningful messages. I like them all because his art has relevance and connection to what is happening in the world right now. I would love to join a street art tour in Bristol too.

  7. I’m a big fan of Banksy’s work, so this kinda art is definitely up my alley! I did a street art tour in Paris and enjoyed it a lot more than visiting regular art galleries. I’ve never been to Bristol (apart from the train station) but I’d love to visit the city properly one day!

  8. I’m into art and when I was in London, I used to check out graffiti to pose for my outfit posts in Fashion blog!
    Haven’t been to Bristol yet. If I go, I’ll definitely check out this street art tour!

  9. I would love to go on this tour. I’ve been a big fan of Banksy ever since watching the documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop (great film btw). Thank you for posting this. I visit London frequently and I’m definitely adding this to my to-do list for my next trip.

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