I am going to a new look

Going for a new look

OK, so nothing drastic but I am thinking I need to smarten myself up a bit when travelling especially when I am reviewing hotels and restaurants so I did a bit of online shopping before my trip to India. Don’t tell the mother but I bought a few new tops that are light and roll up small to fit in my new backpack. I will be travelling for 42 days but have to carry my bag around quite a bit so wanted clothes I could mix and match. Luckily I am at a few of my hotels for more than one night so means I don’t have to pack as much because I can get some laundry done.

I am really into dresses at the moment. A couple of years ago I would never wear a dress. When I started cruising I was like you won’t get me wearing a dress for the formal nights but now I can’t stop buying them. I don’t even have any cruises planned at the moment but keep looking at formal dresses. I have a few Joanna hope dresses for my formal nights on the cruises as they make me feel so glamorous. (Obviously this dress isn’t coming to India with me)

I really like the flowy summery dresses that are currently trending. I want something that travels well. Meaning I don’t have to iron it. I like to wear my dresses with leggings to get a more casual look and then you can make them more formal for a night out with a scarf and I always travel with a few different scarves as they are my go to travel accessories. I love this top as it is also reversible so I get two different looks with the same top.

As I am trying to get my styling right for my Instagram photos I am a big fan of maxi dresses. There are some great ones in my catalogues new collection and I love the Joe Brown selection. Being a plus size I find it hard to find clothes that not only fit but have the right cutting so I don’t look as though I am wearing a tent and I find these designs fit well. I have a few Joe Brown and find even though they are slightly expensive they last well and the best bit is when they are on offer in my catalogue I can not resist buying them.

I am so tempted to buy up the whole collection but I also trying to be more frugal with my packing to travel lighter so I don’t struggle getting from A to B. But these dresses are so pretty it’s hard to cut back. Maybe if I buy them and take a different one on each trip that would be OK!! See I am trying to convince myself it is fine lol.

Plus when I get emails saying there is sale I am a sucker for a bargain. it makes me want the clothes more. Does a sale convince you to make a purchase?



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